Department achievements (employees’ awards)

Awards of department’s employees
The merits of the staff of the department were highly appreciated by various awards: the Head of the Department, Professor W.R. Yuldoshev was awarded the sign "Excellent Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan," the medal "Hizmati Showist," the senior teacher of the Department V.A.Dolzhikov was awarded the sign "Excellent Education of the Republic," Teacher. She is a Honored Worker of RT. In 2001 Akbarov M.M. was awarded the "Certificate of Honor." In 2012, she was awarded the title of "Excellent Education." In 2013 Hamroeva S.K. was awarded the title "Excellent Education." In 2015, Mukhamadieva Z.A. was awarded the title "Excellent Education." In 2015 Mirzoyeva G.H. was awarded the title "Excellent Education."
Achievements of department
Achievements of the Department are published manuals on Russian language for medical students, dictionaries, published articles and theses in leading journals of the Republic of Tajikistan and CIS countries.
During the period of the Department 's existence, employees prepared and published more than 286 scientific and methodological works (textbooks, teaching aids, methodological developments, articles), which have practical application in the process of teaching Russian language to medical students of all faculties of the ATSMU.

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