Training activity

Teaching subjects such as "family medicine" and "clinical pharmacology" in various faculties: medical, public health, pediatric, respectively, pursued different learning goals –

1. Study of the basic principles of outpatient care and observation of patients, as well as the principles of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, which are often found in the practice of a family doctor, in accordance with the approved clinical protocols of the syndrome and ICD-10 approach, clinical and evidence-based medicine;

2. To learn about the organization and management of family medicine, to study public health indicators, ways of integration of family medicine personnel and public health professionals’ activities to solve the general task - improving the health and quality of life of the population;

3. Study of the most common groups of drugs for reasonable selection of the necessary pharmacotherapy, based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, as well as formation of tactics “pharmacological thinking in the bed of the patient”.

Till 2015, the students of 4th and the 5th year of medical and public health faculties were attended classes “family medicine” and from 2009 to 2015 the students of the 6 year of medical faculty studied “clinical pharmacology” at the department too.

Currently, educational work is conducted among students of pediatric and medical faculties of 5 and 6th courses in “Family Medicine” and “Clinical Pharmacology” disciplines, as well as among clinical residents of related professions, masters, Phd doctoral students. Training is provided in the State, Russian and English languages.

A large staff of the department, having long experience of pedagogical work, high scientific potential, carries out cycles of improvement for family doctors in the following directions:

1. Palliative care in the practice of family medicine;

2. Syndrome often found in the activities of family medicine;

3. Primary specialization in specialty “Family Medicine”;

4. Advanced training in “Family Medicine”.

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