Educational activities

The teaching and methodological work of the professional and teaching staff deserves special attention. Reforms of educational programs, changes in the number of hours in teaching disciplines always lead to annual revision of work programs and approval of (model) programs every five years, thematic plans for individual subjects and for each faculty. Educational and methodological work is currently being carried out among students of pediatric and medical faculties of students of 5 and 6th courses in the disciplines “Family Medicine” and “Clinical Pharmacology”, as well as among clinical residents of related professions.

As a result of fruitful educational and methodological work, the assistants of the department wrote and published books, including "Clinical pharmacology" in the state language, educational manuals and methodological developments on taught disciplines in the state and Russian languages. About 50 titles of various educational materials help to learn practical skills of medical activity to students, clinical residents, doctors of interns, doctors of family medicine.

Due to the change the form of the state final examinations 200 situational tasks for OSCE for the students of the medical faculty, 500 test questions for differential credits for the students of the pediatrics faculty were prepared by the assistants of the department.

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