Department clinical base

Treatment-and-consultation work of assistants of the department is carried out according to the approved plan in clinical bases and in various regions of the Republic by sanitation (head of the department, Yodgorova M.J.). Each of the employees of the department is assigned a separate division of the clinical base.

Professional and teaching staff of the department, having a close integration connection with medical collectives, actively participates in the public life of the mentioned MPI and provides full medical and advisory, sanitary and educational and organizational aid. From 2016 till present Yodgorova M.J., head of the department, is a freelance consultant in the city health centers and in the home for senior and disabled citizens of Yovon district. Assistants of the department: Umarova Z.K. - freelance consultant in the field of children's cardiology of SI CHC №12, Bandaev I.S. - Director of the Republican Educational and Clinical Center of Family Medicine; Asfiyaeva H.M. - Director of SI CHC №15, Shamsutdinova G.A. - Deputy director of CHC №15 on the MCC; Nosirova M.P. - Doctor of the adolescent room of CHC №15; Mirzokalonova M.J. - Consultant in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of CHC №3 and №15; Haidarova S.F. - Specialist on IMCD CHC №12, Rakhmatullaeva Z.R. - hematologist-consultant of CHC №12, Ergashev H.Yu. - Family doctor of CHC №12, Mukaramova D.A. - Specialist of family medicine of rural health center of Rudaki district, contribute to the health improvement of the population of the Republic.

The staff of the department carries out a large amount of work in this field: medical and advisory aid of deserving patients, participation in general medical meetings, medical councils, activity analysis of the family doctors, monitoring of the served territory, presentation of reports and talks in educational (Preschool, schools, universities) institutions, scientific conferences for family doctors, participation in the “Day of health” preparation of reviews to outpatient cards of deceased patients, registration of outpatient cards of patients (writing diaries).

Over the past five years, medical and counseling aid has been provided to patients of the territories served by family doctors of clinical bases and came from different parts of the country. Reviews of 50 outpatient cards of deceased patients have also been prepared.


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