Research and scientific work

Research and scientific work: a new direction of the research and scientific work of the Department is to study the Family Medicine development’s conditions in the country. The purpose of this study is a further optimization and improvement of the medical aid in the primary health care institutions and in family doctor’s practice. The other direction of the research and scientific work of the Department is to study frequency and peculiarities of arterial hypertension and its forms, as well as coronary heart disease (CHD) in the Republic of Tajikistan among different age groups. Research work is aimed at studying risk factors and peculiarities of this diseases’ development. In this regard, over 4500 people have been examined in MHCs of Dushanbe. Based on the acquired data, in the family doctor’s practice new methods of the primary diagnostics and optimal ways of arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease’s treatment of the examined individuals in the outpatient setting were developed.
For a short period of time under supervision of D.A. Kadirova two doctoral and six candidate of sciences theses were completed, one doctoral and three candidate of sciences theses are being finalized. The Department’s professors researched the following issues and defended doctoral and candidate of sciences dissertations on: “Hypertensive Crises and their Treatment among Elderly Patients with Systolic Hypertension” (D.A. Kadirova), “Clinical and Pathogenetic Approaches to Drug-free Therapy of Arterial Hypertension among Elderly Patients with Consideration of Medical and Social Factors” (A.I. Isomiddinov), “Peculiarities of Progress and Treatment of Hypertension among Pregnant Women in a Family Doctor’s Practice” (M.D. Mirzokalonova), “Influence of Internal Diseases on Purulent Diseases of Soft Tissues” (N.M. Murodov), “Peculiarities of Progress and Treatment of Arterial Hypertension in Adolescents and Young People in Practice of a Family Doctor” (Zh. S Saidova), “Improvement of Outpatient Care for Patients with Arterial Hypertension in Practice of a Family Doctor” (M.G. Gafarov), “Peculiarities of Secondary Prevention of Arterial Hypertension among Elderly and Senile Patients in the Work of a Family Nurse” (D.S. Safokhonov) “Arterial Hypertension and Adherence to Treatment among Women in Postmenopausal Period” (G.A. Eshonkulova), etc. Research work among students at the Department: since the Department’s establishment a scientific student club is conducting its activities. Over hundred students were members of the club. Over 50 speeches at conferences and publications of abstracts and articles were the results of the scientific research conducted by the students.
Publication work at the Department: the Department’s staff published the following monographs: by D.A. Kadirova: “Calcification of Arteries among Elderly and Senile Patients”, “Biochemical Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis and Arterial Hypertension among Elderly and Senile Patients”, “Clinical and Pathogenetic Aspects of Systolic Hypertension among Elderly Patients” (co-authored with N.N. Hamidov and H.E. Sharipova, etc.), “Peculiarities of Progress of Arterial Hypertension among Patients of Different Age Groups”, as well as two manuals for PHC workers and a textbook “Family Medicine” for students of the medical universities. Over 250 theses and articles in the country and abroad, 23 teaching aids and recommendations, 3 efficiency proposals were published by the Department’s staff. They, in particular D.A. Kadirova made presentations on the scientific achievements of the Department in Austria, Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Since 2000 the Department’s staff is active participants in the annual international, republican and annual conferences of TSMU named after Abuali ibn Sino, as well as conferences of young scientists dedicated to development of family medicine in the Republic of Tajikistan. Since 2014, under the supervision of D.A. Kadirova a separate scientific subpanel “Family Medicine” is functioning in the annual scientific and practical conferences of TSMU named after Abuali ibn Sino.

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