Clinical care

Clinical care: experienced doctors work at the Department, all of them are doctors of superior expert categories: D.A. Kadirova, Kh.S. Sharifzoda, N.M. Murodov, Zh.S. Saidova, G.A. Eshonkulova who conduct consultative work in MHCs in Dushanbe. Annually the Department’s staff and students actively participate in medical-recreational activities for the population covered by MHCs in Dushanbe. Results of scientific research of the Department are introduced in the work of family doctors of MHCs in Dushanbe. Since the Department’s establishment the staff conducted over 150 seminars and clinical discussions for family doctors in Dushanbe. At the Department at the premises of MHC No. 2, there is a “School for Patients with Arterial Hypertension and Ischemic Heart Disease” where patients receive information about diseases, their prevention and treatment in outpatient settings.

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