Training activities

Academic work of the department
The teaching of hygiene aims at developing the knowledge of the basics of hygiene as a science for the future medical worker, which has a direct bearing on his professional activity. The subject reveals the basics of hygiene and its tasks, the content of the preventive direction of health care, the need and practical feasibility of measures widely taken in our country to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population. It includes the basic issues of general and private hygiene. In the section of general hygiene, topical issues of the human environment and ecology (hygiene of the air, water, soil, nutrition, as well as occupational hygiene and toxicology, etc.) are reflected, private - hygiene standards and requirements for the maintenance and operation of residential premises, medical preventive and pharmacy institutions. A special place is taken by the issues of protecting the health and safety of workers in various sectors of the national economy.
Students of the 3rd and 4th year of medical, pediatric and 3rd dental, pharmaceutical faculties and the 3rd year of bachelor study at the department. It should be noted that students are taught in the state, Russian and English languages. In addition, masters and doctoral PhD students are trained at the department.
Educational and methodical activity
For educational work, the department is constantly engaged in the preparation of teaching aids for students of all faculties. In recent years, the department’s employees have published new lecture courses on hygiene and ecology, new standard and work programs for students of the 3rd and 4th year of medical, pediatric, 3rd year of dental and pharmaceutical faculties, as well as the 2nd year of bachelors, which are basic foundations for professional medical education.
New programs are compiled in the state, Russian and English languages ​​in accordance with the state educational standard of higher professional education. They define the goals and objectives of the discipline, the requirements for the level of development of the content of the discipline, thematic lecture plans, practical classes and a thematic plan for independent work of students, according to the situation of the credit system of education.
Over the past 5 years, 4 textbooks, 16 teaching materials, presentations on all topics of lectures for students of medical, pediatric, pharmaceutical and dental faculties, as well as bachelors in the state, Russian and English languages ​​have been prepared . 800 exam tests and 200 exam questions for students of the medical and pediatric faculties (in 3 languages), 600 exam tests and 130 exam questions for students of the dental and pharmaceutical faculties (in the state and Russian languages) were prepared.

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