Scientific activity

in 2018, the Department's research topic was completed: "health Status and features of physical development of children and adolescents in new socio-economic conditions".
From employees, candidates, masters and students of the SSS Department was conducted research work in several directions, the results of which as articles or abstracts published in journals and conference proceedings of the Republic of Tajikistan and abroad (these publications are reflected in the table).
research Publications
1 Articles in Tajik magazines
2 Articles in foreign magazines
3 Abstracts in collections of Tajikistan
4 Abstracts in foreign collections
< b>Protection for the last 5 years:
1. Gulnora Mamadalievna beknazarova: "influence of harmful factors of the main shops of aluminum production on the state of the upper respiratory tract". Dushanbe 2019
2. Suleymanova Firuza Akhmadullayevna: "Influence of working conditions of aluminum production workers on the organ of vision". Dushanbe 2019 < / h5>
3. Ibragimov Inomjon Usmonovich: "Hygienic assessment of the work of employees of confectionery factories and the development of measures for the prevention of General and dental diseases in a hot climate." Dushanbe 2019
Approved the topic of research for the period 2019-2023 "Hygienic aspects of working conditions and health of medical workers of various specialties in the Republic of Tajikistan". On this topic, it is planned to defend 2 dissertations for the degree of candidate of medical Sciences. Over the past 5 years, 47 articles and 51 theses have been published, of which 16 papers have been published in journals of the HAC of the Russian Federation.
the Department operates a SNO, which is attended by 13 to 16 active students of 3 - 4 courses of all faculties every year. Responsible for SNO at the Department associate Professor Maksudova Z. Ya.
Students together with teachers of the Department conduct research work, the results of the work are made out in the form of abstracts, reported and discussed at the Cathedral or inter-departmental round tables, as well as published in the form of abstracts and scientific articles. Thus, SNO activists annually participate in conferences of young scientists and students of TSMU. Abuali ibni Sino. The head of the Department, associate Professor F. J. Hasanov, is the head of the students ' work., Professor Babaev A. B., associate professors odinaeva L. E. and Maksudova Z. Ya., senior teacher normatova S. I. and assistant dzhumaeva M. I.
the Department actively conducts training of scientific personnel through post-graduate studies, job seekers and PhD programs. Currently, the Department is working on master's theses 1 applicant and 2 PhD students and 1 doctoral student.

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