History of the department

A large role in the development of hygienic science and student education belongs to the Department of General Hygiene and Ecology of Tajik State Medical University. Abouali ibni Sino.
The department was organized in 1941. From September 27, 1941 to February 10, 1946, the department was headed by Professor Fedor Andreevich Bashtan. Under his leadership, the staff of the department carried out scientific research on the organization of water supply in the settlements of Tajikistan.
From September 1946, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Wolf Borukhovich Hazan was elected as the head of the department of general hygiene. During his work, he significantly improved the methodology for conducting practical classes with students. For a short period he managed to launch a large research work on the study of regional pathology of Tajikistan, conducted a wide and in-depth study of the prevalence of goiter in the republic and developed measures to prevent it.
From August 25, 1948 to March 11, 1956, the department was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences Valentin Anatolyevich Serebryakov, who at the same time was director of the Tajik Institute of Epidemiology, Microbiology and Sanitation, at which the department staff continued to study problems of water supply for the population of the Republic of Tajikistan.
From 1956 to 1968 The department was headed by the candidate of medical sciences, Sofya Samoilovna Dinkelis. In 1966 she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic “Radiation factor in the polymetallic mines of Tajikistan and its importance in the development of professional pneumosclerosis”. S.S. Dinkelis has published more than 16 works and 2 popular articles on important issues of industrial hygiene.
Since 1968, the department was headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Natalya Vladimirovna Kuznetsova, who worked as an assistant to the department since 1950 N.V. Kuznetsova defended her thesis on "Seasonal dynamics of the content of ascorbic acid in plant products and cow milk of southern Tajikistan" and published over 24 scientific papers, including 7 journal articles.
From 1973 to 1987, the department was headed by Akhmed Mamatovich Yusupov. Under his leadership, a large pedagogical and scientific work was carried out devoted to the problems of regulating the use of pesticides in high mountains. A.M. Yusupov in 1983 defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Hygienic regulation under the combined effects of pesticides and hypoxia."
In 1987, the doctor of medical sciences, professor Abdunaim Babaevich Babaev, who headed until 2015, was elected the head of the department. With the arrival of Professor A.B. Babaeva laid the foundation for the creation of the Tajik School of Hygienists and the department, in essence, became the main base for the preparation of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel in the hygienic profile. Professor A.B. Babaev wrote 4 textbooks “Hygiene” (Behdosht, 1995), “Dastur baroi guzaronidani darskhoi amali az fanni behdoshti umumi” (1998), “General hygiene” (1998) and co-authors of the department - the textbook “General hygiene” (2008) . Under the direction of A.B. Babaev defended 3 doctoral and 30 master's theses.
In 2015, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Khasanov Farhod Dzhavakovich, who heads the department to the present, was elected head of the department. Together with other scientists, he published the following scientific and methodological works: A collection of regulatory documents in the field of sanitary and epidemiological service, the textbook General Hygiene, Hygiene and Pharmaceuticals in the state language, the monograph Ѓ Izoi tabobati ’and the manual Общая General Hygiene’ .
The department includes Professor Babaev A.B., associate professors: Ph.D., Odinaeva L.E., Ph.D. Maksudova Z.Ya., senior lecturer: candidate of medical sciences, Normatova S.I. Assistants: Tulokhov A.L., Khaetov R.M., Uralov Z.T. and Dzhumaeva M.I. part-time workers: MD, Radjabov R.M. In different years, the staff of the department were Novichkova G.I., Niyazmukhamedova M.B., Firstova S.N., Ph.D. Pirov D.D., Paraeva I.I., Ten I.I., Sergeev D.Yu., candidate of medical sciences Khairov H.S., doctor of medical sciences Daburov K.N., doctor of medical sciences Kayumov A.K., Ph.D. Associate Professor Akhmedova A.R., Ph.D. Muhammadieva S.A., Sayfulloev J.N. et al.
Currently, graduate students (PhD) are undergoing training at the department - Kurbonov SR, Nushervoni Bilol, doctoral student - Yusupov Z.Ya.
Thus, hygienic science as a branch of medicine has come a long development path, during which it has developed as an independent functional preventive discipline.

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