History of department

Department of Biology with the basics of genetics was founded in 1939. The first head of department was professor V.G. Ostroumov. In difficult conditions of the military and postwar period, V.G. Ostroumov showed himself not only as an excellent teacher, but also as a talented scientist, leader.
From 1950 to 1953 year the chair was headed by the candidate of biological sciences M.N. Narzikulov, later academician of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, director of the Institute of Zoology and Parasitology, vice -president of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.
From 1953 to 1973 year, the head of the department was docent, colonel of the medical service Alexander Ivanovna Shurenkova. Arriving in the republic together with academician E. N. Pavlovsky for the fight against tropical diseases, she remained to work here permently. For the period of its activity at the Medical Institute, A.I. Shurenkova, along with the pedagogical work, engaged in research work.
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Lola Ismayilonva Ismailova, was the headed of the deparment in 1973-1993 year. These teachers worked during the leadership of department A.I. Shurenkova and L.I. Ismailova as: Rostovshikov S.A., Mansurova M.M., Olimbaeva M.O., Polsky V.I., Urunova L.Kh., Gadhzey E.F., Pilosov R. A., Saigafarov T.K., Nazarov M.N., Bakhromov A.M., Dawlatshoev M.D., Muzaffarova Z.V., Chuvatova T.G., Daniyarova M.M., Gafurova V.L., Lee Yu.S., Mayusupov M.M., Burkhanova Z.U., and others. Some of them are working till now.
In 1988, the department was divided into two department: the department of biology for medical and dental faculties (head Professor L.I Ismailova) and the Department of Biology for the Pediatric and Pharmaceutical faculties (head Professor N.B. Berdiev).
In 1994, there was a reunification of the departments, and Professor N.B. Berdiev was elected as the head of the department, who led the department until August 2008. Since September 2008, the department is headed by candidate of biological sciences, docent Kholbegov M.Y. Since 2009 to date, have been reviewed again by the staff of the department schemes (plans), training programs, and their compliance with state standards.
During of Kholbegov,s M.Y. activity at the department the following work was done: - Candidate dissertations were defended by Karimova I.S-2009, Choriev S.A-2013 and Rizoeva O. A -2020. Also, the scientific theme of the department "Study of anthropometric, dermatoglyphic, biochemical and demographic indicators of the Republic of Tajikistan" was approved, according to which, candidate Shahsufbekova O.M. as currently working.
In 2011, for its quality and productive work, the department was recognized as the "Best Chair of the Year".
By the staff of the department - under the guidance of doсent Kholbegov M.Y.were published the textbooks "Medical biology " (authors Bakhromov A.M. and Burhanova Z.U. Textbooks for medical colleges and medical schools), "The concept of modern natural science" in Russian and Tajik languages (authors Kholbegov M.Y., etc.), "Geography of Tajikistan with the basics of demography" in Russian and Tajik languages (the authors of Kholbegov M.Y., etc.). Methodological development for conducting of laboratory and practical exercises in Russian and Tajik; test questions to the exam in biology with the basics of genetics for the first year students of the medical university (in Tajik, Russian and English). Also 2 collections with test tasks in Russian and Tajik languages for applicants, a biological dictionary of terms in Russian, Tajik, English and Dari, a biology textbook for applicants, a course in medical biology and a textbook of medical biology has been published in 2018.
Every year under the supervision of teachers the departments of students of A TSMU participate and win prizes at Universities competitions in biology.
At present, in the department are working: Head of the Chair, c.b.s, docent, - Kholbegov M.Y.; d.b.s professor,. Rasikov SH SH, c.b.s. docent Azimova G.N, c.b.s. docent Karimova I.S, assistants c.b.s. Kurbonbekova Sh.Sh., c.b.s. Sanginov A.A, assistants Rizoeva O.A, Burhonova Z.U, Shahsufbekova O.N, Nosirova D.S., Khomitjonova D. KH. senior laboratory assistant. Hurmatova R.H. and laboratory assistant Mirzoeva M.M.

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