Educational work

The educational work, plans of the department and also additional plans for the departments of Medical Biology with the basics of genetics are carried out according to the approved plan by the deputy for the educational part and the culture of the university.
In order to improve the educational work of the studenst from on the side of the teachers, in addition to the approved plan on the themes Patriotism, self-awareness, prevention of extreme and terrorist motives, educational conversations are conducted. Also inside the university work is being done on the order, dressing of clean recommended clothes, diligence and aspiration of students to master lessons and the presence of students at the lesson. Banners and posters prepared for the "27 th Anniversary of Independence of the State of the Republic of Tajikistan (September 9) and" Day of Unity of the Nation (June 27)"were prepared in the departments. According to the educational plan of the department devoted to the 25th anniversary of Independence, the state of the Republic of Tajikistan at the department among the students of the medical faculty held a conversation and a report on the topic "Shukri Istiylol meguem mo". September 9, 2019, all employees of the department took an active part in the event of the Hukumat city. On the day of the "Day of the Tajik Language" on 5th September, the 5th year student of the Tajik Medical Faculty delivered a report on the topic "Tajik language" where there was told about the history of the language, its spreading in neighboring countries and the engagement of writers and scientists of the world. Teachers urged young people to study not only the state language, but also foreign languages. On the day of the 24 nd anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, the faculty held an event on the part of the teachers in the curatorial groups. On the Day of the Leader of the Nation, the Founder of Peace and Unity of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, on November 16, an educational work was conducted among the students of curatorial groups on the theme "Achievement of the Tajik nation in the years of independence under the leadership of the Leader of the Nation."

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