Educational-methodical work of the department

Educational work of students is one of the main functions of the department, which is given special attention in the course of practical classes. Teachers of the department constantly hold talks on education and rules of conduct. In accordance with the plan, curatorial hours are held in different groups of the medical faculty:
During the supervisory hours at the department for the students Saturday work was held, which include events dedicated to state and international holidays, conferences.
On the curatorial hours at the department on educational subjects, the discussions were held devoted to the socio-political sphere, the culture of students, patriotism, professional activity, the ethics and deontology of doctors, the dangers of smoking and the consequences of drug addiction.
The department held curatorial hours, talks and events dedicated to the "9 of September independence of the Republic of Tajikistan", " The 10th Anniversary - Water for Sustainable Development" contain 2018-2028 decades, 26/12/2018 by Leader of nation, President of Tajikistan 2019 -2021 was announced the years of development of tourism and villages, "Fatherland Defender's Day", "Mother's Day", " Navruz "," Victory Day ".
The educational banners and stands for the design of classrooms are prepared by teachers.
All teachers of the department actively participate in public life: Makhsudova M.S. - and about the head of the department, Member of the Academic Council of the University, member of comitie educational-professional program “Farmacology”, Professor SaburovaA.M. - Responsible for science and credit-module system, she is a member of the Academic Council of the University and the Medical Faculty, member of comitie educational-professional program “Medicine”. Associate professor Kurbonova M.B. – supervisor of Students Scientific section, member of comitie educational-professional program “Stomatology”.
Associate Proffesor Gulov M.K. - responsible for educational work, Nosirjonova H.R. - Senior teacher, assistant on education. Khamroeva Kh.M. - Secretary. UstobaevaN.Kh. - Chairman of the trade union committee, Alifshoeva S.A.- Responsible for working with foreign students. Zoidova M.T. - Responsible for households parts . Tagaev A.P.- the responsible safety of the SA, Indirai A. – responsible for the student's attendance by quota.
Professor Saburova A.M. is a member of the council for the protection of doctoral and master's thesis of TMSU.
Teachers of the department participate actively in public life of the ATSMU.

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