Educational-methodical work

The main role of the department is to teach students the subject of biochemistry, conduct biochemical clinical trials, which are conducted in accordance with the approved plan.
The department trains the students of the 2nd courses of medical, stomatological, public health faculty and the 3- rd year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in three languages: Tajik, Russian and English.
To optimize the educational process in those years, some changes were introduced in teaching (test control of students' knowledge level, solving biochemical crosswords and solving situational problems). For this, more than 1000 test questions have been compiled.
One of the innovative approaches in training is the rating system, which was introduced at the Department of Biochemistry from 2011, which was abolished in March 2016 and continued training in the credit and modular system.
With the use of a credit system, it is possible to solve the following goals and objectives: to objectively evaluate the knowledge of students, to intensify the conduct of classes by setting up independent work of students and stimulating their creative abilities, to inform about the preliminary results of the lessons they have completed, to warn in a timely manner about a possible final evaluation of academic performance in a semester, interest in the subject being studied, to engage in participation in the SSS.
The rating of control of current knowledge and independent work of students is estimated by:
- results of verbal responses during the analysis of the current topic
- results of laboratory work and interpretation of the data obtained and their use in the diagnosis of diseases
- results of testing students' knowledge on the topic of practical classes.
At the end of the lesson, the scores for the three points listed are summed up, and the average score for the 5-point system is displayed, which is recorded in the journal.
In accordance with the general system of education, students are given the opportunity to get good and excellent grades in the course of classes, which obliges students to prepare for classes responsibly and to master the entire training program.
Practical classes are conducted in Tajik, Russian and English languages in accordance with the methodological developments.
For students of all faculties, according the profile classes for the period from 2012-2020, the teachers of the department prepared 24 methodical developments and a course of lectures on biochemistry in two languages.
For the 2nd year students of the Medical Faculty (Bachelors), methodological developments in two parts have been published in English. Every year, working programs (syllabus) for all faculties, thematic plans for lectures and practical exercises are made up.

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