History of the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology

Anesthesiology and resuscitation is a young, rapidly developing and improving, quite independent science. Despite her young age, she made a great contribution to the development of medical science in general.
Development of anesthesiology and resuscitation science and service in our Republic was facilitated by the opening of an anesthesiology course in 1971 and its reorganization to the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology in 1974, initiated and headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Mukhtar KadyrovichMurodov. The first assistants of the department were the candidate of medical sciences, later the doctor of medical sciences, A.Vokhidov, c.m.s. V.I. Fisechko, c.m.s. S.P. Ezeev, c.m.s. D.A. Ahmedov, c.m.s. D.B. Khamidov, who, under the leadership of M.K. Murodov (1971 - 1997) made a great contribution to the development of anesthesiology and resuscitation.
Employees of the department from the beginning of their activities made a huge contribution to the training of highly qualified anesthesiologists - resuscitators, in which the medical institutions of our Republic were badly needed. At the department, the training of anaesthesiologists-resuscitators, who professionally orientated themselves in the questions of anesthesia, intensive care resuscitation at the modern level, was systematically conducted. Teaching of the subject was conducted at all faculties to train future doctors of all specialties in the provision of first aid and intensive care in critical conditions.
At the initiative of the staff of the department in the Republic in 1973, the scientific and practical society of anesthesiologists and resuscitators was organized. It systematically holds meetings where the latest achievements of science are discussed, reports on topical questions of anesthesia and intensive care are heard, preliminary approbation of dissertations is carried out, the activity of resuscitation departments is analyzed, the causes of complications arising in patients during and after surgical interventions, especially complicated cases in resuscitation and intensive care.
The department is intensively engaged in scientific research work, concerning diagnostics, preventive and biochemical substantiation of intensive therapy and correction of homeostasis disorders.
In the 1970-1980, a number of dissertations (A.A. Lebedev, V.I. Fisechko, N.M. Shklyar, A.V. Vohidov, S.P. Ezeev) for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of respiratory failure in surgical patients.
In 1990 - 1997 years employees of the department carried out scientific research on the development of problems of diagnosis and intensive therapy of asthmatic status. This problem was devoted to dissertational works of R.M.Erkaev, Yu.N. Badridinov, D.A.Akhmedov, I.F.Davronov, D.B. Khamidov, A.A. Aminov. The same problem was dealt with in the monograph by M.K. Murodov: "Intensive therapy of asthmatic conditions", "Helioks in intensive therapy of respiratory failure", "Diagnosis and treatment of miliary lung atelectasis", "Errors and dangers of treatment of asthmatic status".Along with this, educational manuals for students and a wide range of readers "Asrorikushodanibandiachal" were issued, a number of methodical recommendations in co-authorship with the staff of the department.
The first in the Tajik SSR in the department since 1979 began to study the non-exchange functions of the lungs in terminal patients with obstetric and gynecological diseases complicated by acute renal failure, severe craniocerebral trauma, respiratory distress syndrome of adults and septic patients.The results of research, development of diagnostics, prevention and correction of violations of the non-exchange function of the lungs allowed to reduce the lethality among patients. This problem was devoted to the dissertational work of M.G. Sharopov, D, A. Shamsiev, Z.F. Tagozhonov, A.V. Vohidov.
The results of joint research work with other departments were the theses of H.K. Nurmuhamedov, R.R. Rofiyev, T.A. Abdufatoyev, which are dedicated to the treatment of burn patients and surgical lung diseases in children.
Over the past 20 years, the department staff have been actively engaged in the introduction of modern methods of detoxification: hemodialysis, hemosorption, isolated ultrafiltration and UV of blood, which are successfully used in the treatment of terminal conditions.
Together with the staff of the Research Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan at the department headed by M.K. Murodov was developed and put into practice a new hydrogel hemodialysis, thanks to which MD, Professor M.K. Murodov was awarded the State Prize named after Abualiibni Sino.
Over the period of the department's activity more than 20 candidate's and 3 doctor's dissertations have been defended, more than 500 scientific works have been published, including 6 monographs, 7 manuals, 6 methodical recommendations, and several dozen proposals.
Employees of the department are permanent participants of international, regional and republican forums. With the active participation of the department's staff, the First (1978) and Second (1987) Republican conferences of anesthesiologists and resuscitators were held in our Republic.
The chair since 1997 is headed by c.m.s. D.A. Akhmedov. Under his leadership, the educational - methodical, therapeutic - consultative and research work on the topic "Intensive therapy and resuscitation of terminal states with severe combined craniocerebral trauma" is conducted.

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