Department achievements

Employees of the department published two teaching aids in the tajik language:

1. Basics of anesthesiology and resuscitation (Dushanbe 2010, 237c)

2. Separate anesthesia (Dushanbe 2011, 236c) and 9 methodological recommendations:

1. Intensive Care and Reanimation in Obstetrics (Dushanbe 2011, 26 pp.)

2. Intensive care and reanimation of seizures and epileptic status (Dushanbe 2011, 12 pp.)

3. Methods of correction of water-electrolyte balance and acid-base state (Dushanbe 2011, 20 pp.).

4. Intensive therapy and resuscitation in stroke (Dushanbe 2012, 30 pp.)

5. Actual basics of anaesthesiology va Reanimatology (Dushanbe 2014)

6. Cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation. Dushanbe 2014.

7. Intensive therapy of hypovolemic shock, Dushanbe 2014.

8. Methods of anesthesia in obstetrics and gynecology (Dushanbe 2016).

9. Asoshoi Actualii anesthesiology va Reanimatology (Dushanbe 2016).

In addition, 95 articles and abstracts were published in various scientific publications of the Republic of Tajikistan.

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