Youth - the future of the nation

Youth - the future of the nation

Annually, since 1997, Youth Day is celebrated in the Republic of Tajikistan on May 23. In our republic, this age group, which has reached social maturity, makes up 70% of the population!

The progress of society depends on how rationally the potential of the country is used. Knowledge and experience are needed to make the right decisions. For this purpose, it is necessary to be conscious of increasing education. It means that it is necessary to learn how to increase the wealth of the country (whatever sphere it concerns) without damage to it and to the whole planet.

The older generation, instructing the youth, sharing their life experience, forms the basis for choosing the right political course, economic and ideological development. Youth is the successor of traditions, culture and art of ancestors, formed over centuries, and multiplying them through innovations and new knowledge. Therefore, the more invested in the formation of the right consciousness of the younger generation, the more guaranteed the stable growth of the nation's development.

The leadership of our country creates all conditions for the development of the young generation, trying to protect it from the negative and harmful influence of values alien to us. For this purpose, hundreds of schools are built every year, universities, various preparatory courses, science centers, business classes are opened, literary contests are held, scholarships are allocated to gifted children, etc.

Therefore, forming the right worldview among young people, promoting spiritual enrichment and development of critical thinking is the main task of every nation.


Ismatulloeva S.S., - c.m.s., associate professor of the department of dermatovenerology. named after professor Zoirov P.T.

Translated Ismoilov R.

16.05.2024 1175