We are against terrorism!

We are against terrorism!

Over the last decade, terrorism has acquired a systemic character, the emergence of which was facilitated by technological progress, as well as the development of media and methods of information transmission, which has multiplied the propaganda effect of terrorist acts. Political terror applied in the modern world is a qualitatively new phenomenon, significantly different from the political assassinations practiced in antiquity and at the beginning of the New Age.

The urgency of the problem of combating terrorism is dictated by our reality. Terrorism in any form of its manifestation has become one of the dangerous in its scale, unpredictability and consequences socio-political and moral problems with which mankind entered the twenty-first century. Terrorism is a social phenomenon consisting in the unlawful use of extreme forms of violence or threat of violence to intimidate opponents in order to achieve specific political goals. The word "terror" comes from the Latin language (terror - fear, terror). Similar meaning is given to the words: terror (English), terreur (French) - terror, fear. There is also the expression "terrorist act" (acte de terreur). V. Mallison and S. Mullison give the following definition: "Terror is the systematic use of extreme violence and the threat of violence to achieve public or political goals". They note the use of terror in solving political problems. Dictionaries define "terror" as "physical violence, up to and including physical destruction, against political opponents. V.I. Dahl's explanatory dictionary emphasizes the main meaning and focus of terrorism - to intimidate with death, execution, violence. In the book "International Terrorism and World Security" terrorism is interpreted more broadly and indefinitely: a threat of violence, individual acts of violence or companies of violence, putting terrorism among the most dangerous and difficult to predict phenomena of our time, which is acquiring increasingly diverse forms and threatening scales.

Terrorism can be considered as a form of political message, ultimatum, which takes place in various spheres of modern society: political, economic, social, etc. Four types of terrorism are distinguished:

- economic - extortion (most often of money or property) through blackmail, threat or use of violence;

- political terrorism - clandestine groups acting more or less autonomously, using the most modern means of communication, lightning-fast changes of location, without losing constant contact with each other;

- social terrorism - actions that cause "announced damage" - threats of gas explosions, poisoning of fresh water reservoirs, etc..;

- information terrorism - with the development of the World Wide Web, the ingenuity of cyberterrorists has reached unimaginable perfection: they hack into the computers of government agencies, banks, businesses, block information flows, disrupting the work of intelligence agencies and transnational corporations; cyber viruses developed by hackers disable hundreds of thousands of computers.

The human community must be able to protect the inner world of man, his worldview, his educational, scientific and cultural needs, in short, the many factors that determine the very existence and spiritual world of man, including his rights. But first and foremost, we are responsible for the life of each individual: if terrorism endangers the life of an individual, then it endangers our entire civilization. It is for the sake of the future of all people, for the sake of the future of human civilization, that all of us, in a mutual dialogue of cultures and religions, must find a common language and bring to naught all the dark, evil, destructive forces that encourage terrorism. The globalization that has engulfed the world has brought us all closer together. That is why today dialog between peoples, dialog between cultures, dialog between religions is becoming more and more important. By developing this dialog and supporting it in every possible way, we are in a sense trying to identify the origins of terrorism and strive to suppress them at the root.

Terrorism as a global problem requires constant attention and study and therefore presents a wide field for research with subsequent practical application.

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Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

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