Extremism and terrorism are great dangers that can destroy any society and region, even the most stable and developed society. In our time, civilized societies have become the arms of their development to modernize people's social lives, and the meaning and rhythm of the sustainability of societies is undergoing a complete change. The effects of globalization in the economic, political and cultural spheres, which led the population of countries to the direction of migration flows, were different in nature and level, and this factor has become a complication of the structural relations of specific and global societies. These factors, to some extent, fuel conflicts in inter-ethnic relations, which are accompanied by inter-racial conflicts, and on this ground there are various opposing groups trying to achieve the desired result through extremism and terrorism. For successful fight against terrorism and extremism in society it is necessary to know and understand the criminal nature of these phenomena. Conducting preventive measures against extremism and terrorism among young people is of particular importance, since this segment of society is one of the most vulnerable strata due to various reasons in terms of susceptibility and negative impact from various anti-social and criminal groups.

Leaders of various extremist groups attract young people to their organizations and often promise them an easy way out. Young people do not even think about the fact that by participating in such events, they not only fail to solve their existing problems, but also create many new problems for themselves, which actually destroy their future.There is no single definition of "extremism" in modern science, nor is there a single approach in international legal practice. "Extremism" can be interpreted as a commitment to extreme views and measures.

Extremism is different, and the motives behind it are also different. The main reasons for its emergence are material, ideological, the desire for change and dissatisfaction with the real state of affairs, power over people, interest in a new type of activity and the like.The prevention of terrorism and extremism among young people includes the implementation of comprehensive measures for the formation of legal culture in the youth environment, which contributes to a significant expansion of the legal component of education and training.

The awareness of one's rights and freedoms contributes to the formation of the young generation's sense of respect for the rights and freedoms of others, including their life, health and dignity. It is always necessary to have a tolerant outlook, a tolerant attitude toward all people, regardless of nationality, religion, creed, social status, property and other circumstances.


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

29.07.2023 2041