It is no coincidence that the planet Earth is blue from space. Life on Earth arose thanks to water, but all the flora and fauna that live on land are closely related to water. Water is the basis of life.

Water is the main product of consumption in human life. Water is a universal liquid, without which life is impossible and is an integral part of the living world. Plants contain up to 90% water, and the human body up to 70% water. Water covers 3/4 of the globe and affects almost all living things. 70-95% of the living space in the world consists of water.

In fact, water accumulates in clouds, falls to the ground in the form of rain, and evaporates through the rays of the sun and turns back into clouds, or this process can be seen in the following figure.

Water is life.

There is water, land and crops.

You are a product of the entire universe.

From the existence of graceful water.

Yes, water is the source of all life on earth. Water is a great resource, the reality of which gives the world and life freshness, beauty, greenery and freedom. The existence of flowers and plants, animals and plants, plants and people, especially a peaceful and prosperous life, freedom and prosperity - all this depends on water. People use water for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning, cleaning the streets and irrigating the land. Man also sails and boats on the waterways, carrying all sorts of goods and passengers. The waterfall drives turbines and generates electricity. With the power of water, the wheel of the mill moves, the handles of the jug of water move. No industry can function without water. We Tajiks should always be proud that our great land is flooded.

Tajikistan is rich in water resources and has about 7,000 glaciers, 155 lakes of various sizes, tens of thousands of ordinary mineral springs and many reservoirs. This is the great source on which man is based, water. Life cannot be sustainable without water. Since ancient times, in religious books, water has been considered the main source of life. The four elements in life are sacred: water, earth, fire, wind, which all creatures of the universe need. Since we know that water is the basis of life for all beings in the universe, we must respect this great source as the basis of existence, the light, the harmony of the universe, keep it clean and free, and do not let anyone defile this great miracle, let anyone offense because:

A small stream of clear water

Do not dig in stones and dust,

Keeping water clean and sanctifying it, appreciating every drop of this great miracle is the duty of every true person, because water is not only a source of well-being, but also a source of light and joy of the universe. There is water, there is prosperity, they say. Water is the source of growth, development and stability of the universe. It is the water from which flowers and plants get their color, freshness and permanence. Life is meaningless without water. Life is based on the existence of water.

Water is more expensive than rubies.

The purity of each drop is the purity of goodness.


Teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages 

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