According to the plan of the department of foreign languages on 24.12.2021 in the dormitory №6 of Avicenna TSMU was conducted the duty by the teachers of the department of foreign languages Mukhamadieva Z.A., Najmiddinova D.M. and Mirzoeva G.H.

As a result of the inspection, the condition of the students in the dormitory №6 was found to be in compliance with the established norms, the sanitary condition of the students’ living rooms and corridors, the dining room, the reading room were inspected and they were satisfied with the dormitory conditions.

Students were also preparing to celebrate the birthday of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was born on December 25, 1876. During the interview, the students noted that he was the founder of the national state of Pakistan and one of the most active initiators and participants in the British section of India and was active in politics.

On 11 August, he presided over the new constituent assembly for Pakistan at Karachi, and addressed them, “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the State.

In March 1948, despite his deteriorating health, Jinnah made his only trip to East Pakistan, where he addressed 300,000 people, declaring that Urdu would be the only official language of Pakistan.

As they said, that Jinnah died because of pneumonia on September 11, 1948. The mausoleum of Jinnah Mausoleum (English: Jinnah Mausoleum; урду مزار قائد, mazar-e-kaid) is the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, located in central Karachi and one of the city’s symbols.

Teachers of Foreign Languages Department

Mukhamadieva Z.A., Najmiddinova D.M.

06.01.2022 479