Victory Day

Victory Day

The events of the Great Patriotic War are going deeper into history. After her, new generations grew up who were not touched by the horrors of those years. The people of the older generation performed an unprecedented feat: they defended the freedom and independence of their Homeland in heavy, bloody battles, made a decisive contribution to the liberation and salvation of the peoples of many countries from fascist enslavement, and ensured peace for many years.

During the war, 14 Tajiks became Heroes of the Soviet Union. These are Tuichi Erjigitov, Ismoil Khamzaaliev, Khodi Kenjaev, Negmat Karabaev, Domullo Azizov, Saidkul Turdiev, Chutak Urazov, Safar Amirshoev and others. About 14 thousand were awarded orders and medals.

This feat should not be forgotten! Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the events of the Great Patriotic War, the mass heroism of Soviet people at the front and in the rear is of great importance for the education of the younger generation, for the formation of a correct idea of life. this is a historical period and an opportunity to expose those who are trying to falsify history. The appeal to the history of the past war always remains relevant, because our people have passed a severe test of the strength of the patriotic spirit. Everyone rose up to defend the Fatherland, regardless of gender, age and nationality. When a huge disaster came to our common home, the Soviet people did not flinch, did not bend - neither under the blows of the first failures, nor under the weight of millions of deaths, torments and sufferings. From the first day of the war, he firmly believed in the coming Victory. In a soldier's overcoat and overalls, he did everything that was at the limit and beyond the limits of human strength to bring this long-awaited day closer.

Every year we celebrate the Victory Day of the Soviet People in the Great Patriotic War. For every thinking person, for those who care about the fate of our country, Victory Day is not just a holiday, but also an event that makes you remember the past, appreciate the present, think about the future.

A huge time distance already separates us from those terrible years. And this makes us not only remember, but also carefully analyze the Great Patriotic War itself and its impact on the subsequent life of our country, including today.

The war showed the indisputable advantage of the Soviet model of economy - the ability to quickly and efficiently mobilize all resources to achieve the goal. The words: "Everything for the front, everything for victory!" became not only a slogan, but also a characteristic of the life of the war years. All republics, territories and regions of the Soviet Union contributed to the victory.

The victory of the USSR over fascist Germany had a world-historical significance, had a huge impact on the entire post-war development of mankind. The Soviet Armed Forces defended the freedom and independence of the Motherland. The victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War saved the world from the threat of fascist enslavement. This victory is historically logical. This proved the complete superiority of the Soviet leadership system in the armed struggle. The successes of the Armed Forces are connected with the multifaceted and purposeful activities of the Communist Party. She raised people to the Patriotic War, was the inspirer and organizer of the victory. No matter how hard some authors tried to completely erase everything positive in their activities, the party managed to adequately solve the task of leading the country's military defense. No one can change history in this regard. The emergency situations created by the decision of the Central Committee of the Party acted promptly, promptly. The victory was achieved thanks to the high, constantly growing combat power of the Soviet Armed Forces.

The military leadership of the Soviet military leaders made it possible to effectively realize the economic and military capabilities of the country on the battlefields. The Soviet wars, from the rank and file to the marshals, demonstrated courage, resilience and mass heroism. Endless patriotism and high combat skills were the basis of these fighting qualities. Soviet wars were fought with the use of domestic weapons and domestic military equipment. This is the greatest merit of the workers of the Soviet rear. The combination of military heroism and labor heroism is the most important factor of Victory.

In other words, the creator of Victory in the Great Patriotic War was the multinational Soviet people. These are people who have made enormous sacrifices, defeated the aggressors. A Soviet soldier defeated a German soldier. Soviet officers commanded better than German ones.

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