VETERANS OF LABOR, EXAMPLE OF IMAGES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE (on the 80th anniversary of Vera Bochkova's birth)

VETERANS OF LABOR, EXAMPLE OF IMAGES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE (on the 80th anniversary of Vera Bochkova's birth)

Today it is necessary and useful to organize regular purposeful work on the formation of moral qualities of the personality of student youth, to get acquainted with the activities of famous personalities. It is known that morality is a personal characteristic and determines such qualities and characteristics as kindness, decency, honesty, truthfulness, diligence and discipline, which determine the character of a person in a collective and regulate individual behavior of a person.

In the life of every people and nation there are always educated and enlightened personalities, who as a guiding light embody the wisdom of the treasures of the mind and human knowledge. They are the luminaries of their time, and the light of their enlightenment will shine through the ages.

One of such personalities is an excellent teacher of the Republic of Tajikistan, former senior lecturer of the department of normal physiology of the State Educational Institution “Avicenna Tajik State Medical University”, currently living her old age Bochkova Vera Grigorievna, November 13, 2023 from the date of her birth will be 80 years old.

V.G. Botchkova was born in the family of a civil servant in the city of Penza of the Russian Federation in 1943, during the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War. From childhood she dreamed of becoming an outstanding teacher. In this regard, in 1962 she entered the Faculty of Biology of the State University of Tajikistan named after V.I. Lenin and successfully graduated from it in 1967. Since the same year she started her pedagogical activity as an assistant of the department of normal physiology of the State Educational Institution “Avicenna Tajik State Medical University”.

Senior lecturer Bochkova V.G. during her working career has performed many public tasks: a member of the Komsomol Committee of the University, secretary of the District Election Commission, curator of student groups, secretary for the organization and holding of the 4th All-Union Symposium. "Blood circulation in conditions of high altitude and experimental hypoxia" (1990), the secretary of the methodical meeting of the department, a paramedic of the department (from November 1973 to August 2000), the organizer of the high-mountain expedition in the Murghob district (Eastern Pamir) and the head of this expedition in 1989, a member of the library board, chairman of the commission for the disposal of property, a member of the commission for the acceptance of state examinations in the field of physiology for medical and preventive, dental, pediatric and medical faculties, and the secretary of the Academic Council of Pediatrics.

She conducted classes with students at a high pedagogical level, as well as used new methods of teaching students to improve the effectiveness of the educational process in the group of students. Provided methodological assistance to young colleagues and students with poor preparation skills. Independently and actively participated in the development of questions of the state examination in physiology. Teacher Bochkova is the author of more than 124 scientific works, most of which she published in all-union and republican scientific editions. In 1974, 1977, and 1982 she took advanced training courses in Moscow, Russian Federation, and in 1989 in Kiev, Ukraine.

During the civil war she did not leave Tajikistan and was a friend and associate of her students. During this period she was never late for classes and always convinced the young teachers of the department and students of the bright future of the country. She was a modest, respectful person, demanding, responsible, honest and independent towards herself, staff and students.

Modern higher educational institutions, actively influencing the formation of students' outlook, contribute to their moral formation, make a certain contribution to solving the problems of training qualified specialists. All her pedagogical activity, all her knowledge and skills the teacher gave to teaching the most difficult subject of medical science - normal physiology, training of medical specialists. Now her devoted students, experienced specialists work at home and abroad.

Currently, teacher V.G. Bochkova is retired and lives in Dushanbe. Despite her retirement age, she is always busy. She prepares biology applicants in Russian language for admission to higher educational institutions of the country and abroad, prepares homework together with them. She also actively helps students of the Abuali Ibni Sino State Medical University, conducts additional classes in all sections of normal physiology and feels happy. She remembers all her colleagues and students with special respect and is always proud of them.

At the same time, all good human qualities of Bochkova V.G. are special respect for the state policy and statehood of Tajikistanis, observance of customs and national traditions. This made her to devote her whole life and activity to education of Tajik youth. This immense love and affection of Botchkova Vera Grigorievna is an example for today's youth. Also Bochkova Vera Grigorievna fulfills her main duty as a woman in the society with all her mission, she is a role model.

On behalf of my colleagues I would like to congratulate Vera Grigorievna on her birthday and wish her long life, good health and happiness in life. I wish you great success in your scientific and creative activities and a peaceful life. May your life always be calm and peaceful, and happiness never leave you! We, friends and students, will always remember, love and respect your creativity.

Thus, it should be concluded that the use of biographical materials about the life and activities of teachers, famous scientists, their example to young students shows how they faithfully and selflessly served medical science, contributes to their resilience, perseverance and integrity, respect of student youth to teachers, scientists, famous workers in the field of medicine.

It should be said with full confidence that Bochkova Vera Grigorievna is the golden fund of SEI “Avicenna Tajik State Medical University” in the sphere of education and health care of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Head of the department of medical biology with basics of genetics, d.b.s.., associate professor Kholbekiyon Mirzohamdam Yorbek


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

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