TODAY IS HEALTH PERSONNEL DAY. In Tajikistan, more than 5,000 health care institutions serve patients

TODAY IS HEALTH PERSONNEL DAY. In Tajikistan, more than 5,000 health care institutions serve patients

August 18 is the Day of Healthcare Personnel of Tajikistan. In this regard, today in the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after S. Aini will be held a cultural program with the participation of employees of this sphere.

It should be reminded that August 18, 1995 the Parliament of Tajikistan included this day as a professional holiday of doctors in the list of public holidays. After all, 1041 years ago on this day was born the son of the famous Tajik scientist, philosopher and doctor of world renown. In connection with the birthday of this Allam of the East, various conferences and events are held annually on August 18 in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Every year in the morning of August 18 in the capital Dushanbe a ceremony of laying flowers at the foot of the statue of Avicenna is held. On this day, doctors remember Avicenna’s great services in the field of medicine and call his work praiseworthy.

It should be said that the state and the government always pay special attention to the development of health care sphere, provision of material and moral conditions of medical workers, and carry out significant work in this direction. Medical workers in Tajikistan work day and night for the development of the sector and the health of the people.

Because health is the basis of well-being of a person, individual, family and society. That is why the respected Leader of the nation his excellency Emomali Rahmon, constantly states that "the health of society is the wealth of the state".

As expressed by the Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan, Jamoliddin Abdullozoda, "if we look at the achievements in the field of health and social protection of the country, it is obvious that the overall progress and success of the region after gaining state independence is under the wise and far-sighted policy of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected Emomali Rahmon".

As the Founder of peace and national unity, Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan his excellency Emomali Rahmon expressed in one of his speeches, "In our independent state the health of people is considered the wealth of the state and an integral part of its strategic goals".

That is, the main indicator of the sector contributed to the improvement of the health of the population, as a result of which the average life expectancy of citizens reached 75.3 years. However, in 1990 this indicator was 70.1 years.

It should be noted that during the period of independence, the number of medical facilities in the country has increased significantly.

"During this period, the construction and commissioning of hundreds of beautiful and modern health care buildings is irrefutable proof that in fact, during the period of independence, the development of the health sector in Tajikistan was fully ensured taking into account the far-sighted policy of the Leader of the nation Emomali Rahmon" mentioned Jamoliddin Abdullozoda.

"For 6 months of 2023, 36 institutions have been commissioned from all sources to improve the state of infrastructure of institutions, construction of another 122 facilities is ongoing. Also during this period 118 institutions have been repaired, repair of another 137 institutions is ongoing" said the Minister of Health and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Also during this period, in order to timely identify, diagnose and treat patients with infectious diseases, employees of primary health-care facilities conduct daily rounds of yards, covering up to 20-25% of the country's population. This factor contributes to constant dispensary control of patients with chronic diseases and disabled persons of various groups.

It should be noted that, with the involvement of the chief specialists of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population and the heads of the country's medical establishments, a "Health caravan" is organized on a permanent basis and is sent to the cities of Kulob and Bokhtar in Khatlon province, Rasht province and Badakhshon province, and free treatment is provided to the population of those regions. Also, along with diagnostics and examination and issuing necessary recommendations, specialists hold useful discussions and meetings among the population.

This year, during the celebration of the Day of Medical Workers of the Republic of Tajikistan, meetings and gatherings were held in all medical institutions of the country, and specialists of the sector were awarded with awards and honorary signs.

Because medicine is considered one of the proudest, highest and most honorable professions. As the philosopher Hippocrates said: "A doctor coming to the bedside of a patient for treatment is like a brave man entering the field of labor".

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Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

18.08.2023 951