Corruption is an undesirable action that weakens the foundations of the state and causes a decline in the standard of living of the people.

      Corruption in modern conditions is a serious obstacle to the economic development of the state and the effectiveness of market institutions. As a result of committing corruptive actions damage public relations and entail unpleasant consequences.

      The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan is constantly taking beneficial measures to reduce the heat of corruption in the country and is taking the necessary measures for their implementation.

      On the initiative of the Founder of peace and national unity - Leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan his excellency Emomali Rahmon, all these platforms have been established in the country, and with the active participation of all branches of government and civil society in combating these undesirable phenomena. In particular, laws and other legal acts meeting the requirements of the time were adopted in this direction, a specialized state institution - the Agency for State Financial Control and Counteraction to Corruption - was established.

The State Financial Control and Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Tajikistan in order to perform its tasks in accordance with the instructions and assignments of the respected head of state his excellency Emomali Rahmon acted in the direction of effective use and utilization of budgetary funds. funds, detection, prevention and tax crimes and achieved significant results in this period of activity.

      The problems of corruption today worry the world community. Because, first of all, it seriously impedes development of economy, realization and maintenance of the rights and freedoms of the person and citizen, rise of authority of the state and peace and stability system, causes weakening of morality of the citizens.

It is worth noting that the Republic of Tajikistan with gaining state independence and constructive initiatives of the Founder of peace and national unity - Leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan his excvellency Emomali Rahmon took firm steps in the fight against corruption, and in order to prevent this plague of the century all organizational and legal frameworks were laid. In order to strengthen the anti-corruption policy and strengthen the legal and institutional foundations of the fight against corruption, relevant legal and regulatory acts have been adopted and are being implemented.

It should be noted that the implementation of anti-corruption measures within the framework of these strategies is recognized by the international community as evidence of the formation of state anti-corruption policy and the key to achievements in this area. By fulfilling the requirements of the action plan on implementation of the mentioned strategies on strengthening of transparency of public administration process, introduction of preventive restrictions in the sphere of public service, establishment of responsibility for committing all acts of corruption, detection and prevention of such actions, a reliable basis was created. In particular, in order to coordinate the activities of state bodies and civil society in this area, the National Council for Counteracting Corruption was established, public commissions for the prevention of corruption were established in the regions, cities and districts.

Thus, we want to emphasize that we must all do everything we can to ensure that people live decent lives and not engage in illegal activities. Regardless of what position we take, our contribution to preventing undesirable acts of corruption is very great. Because in our daily lives, we observe and see that those who have encountered this problem have done great damage to both their households and their families. Of course, I think it is necessary here that women make up 49 percent of the population of our country, and in this context it should be said that along with men their share from educating the younger generation in preventing and eradicating corruption. So we have to put satisfaction first, put on the belt of courage for a decent life and use honest work to provide for the family. Because there is peace of mind and peace of mind in honest labor.


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

04.07.2023 730