There are pages in the history of every country that define its development, establishment and stability. Such an important period for Tajikistan is the presidency of Emomali Rahmon - an outstanding statesman, president and Leader of the nation of this multi-ethnic state. Emomali Rahmon has combined the best qualities that are necessary to govern the country and contribute to peace and stability in the society of Tajikistan.

At the beginning of Emomali Rahmon's presidency, Tajikistan witnessed a tragic event - a civil war. Emomali Rahmon became the leader of the nation during this extremely difficult phase and sacrificed his life to resolve this conflict. This intelligent and well-educated man was able to bring the different sides to the council table and allowed the opposition to accept a peace agreement so that the unnecessary bloodshed would stop and life would return to normal.

The role of the leader of the nation is not only to resolve conflicts, but also to create favorable conditions for the prosperity of the state and the country, the peace of the noble people of Tajikistan. Emomali Rahmon has done great deeds in this direction, which made him dear and respected by the society. He has taken and implemented a number of decisive measures to develop the country's economy, attract foreign capital and develop the domestic market. Thanks to the efforts of His Excellency, the great leader of the nation, Tajikistan has achieved stable economic development, which created conditions for creating new jobs, improving the living conditions of the country's population, ensuring stability and prosperity of the country and society.

In addition, Emomali Rahmon has shown great wisdom and determination and prevented national and religious conflict in the country. He has always been a supporter of the rule of law, led the discussion on conflict resolution and thus proved that peace and stability in various ethnic and religious issues can only be achieved through mutual understanding.

One of the most important tasks of the Leader of a nation is to protect the state system and ensure stability. There were difficult stages of threats from radical Islamists who tried to destroy the Tajik state. Emomali Rahmon, thanks to his decisive actions, was able to stop the turmoil and protect peace and mutual understanding in the country.

The ability to unite the people and the nation is an important aspect of the Leader of a nation. Emomali Rahmon demonstrated remarkable skill here. He tried to create a stable society in which every person could realize his or her potential. Based on this principle, he proposed a number of social and economic programs aimed at supporting vulnerable segments of the population, as well as the development of education and culture.

Successful establishment of peace and stability in Tajikistan is impossible despite a strong and talented Leader. Emomali Rahmon is an ambitious candidate. His determination, resourcefulness and political activity have created the foundation for Tajikistan's stable development. Thanks to his efforts, the country is recognized as a symbol of peace and prosperity not only in the post-Soviet space, but also around the world.

Thus, the role of the leader of the nation in shaping peace and stability in Tajikistan is undeniable. Emomali Rahmon was able to overcome problems, create favorable conditions for economic development, prevent conflicts, unite different ethnic and religious groups. His constant efforts are aimed at achieving stability of the society and prosperity of the country, which indeed makes him indispensable for the whole of Tajikistan and the Tajik people.

S.A. Muminjonov - head of the department of microbiology, immunology and virology.


Ismoilov R.

11.11.2023 703