The Role of State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan in Strengthening National Unity

The Role of State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan in Strengthening National Unity

“The extremely sensitive and turbulent situation in the world compels us and you to be wiser and more vigilant than ever, not to remain ignorant, to understand correctly the benefit and harm in our words and actions, how much of the greatest goods and achievements of our lives-independence and freedom, citizenship and sovereignty, peace and tranquility and national unity”.

Emomali Eahmon

Through state independence, the proud and virtuous Tajik people have not only shown determination, resilience and courage, but under the leadership of the respected leader of the nation, Emomali Rahmon, they have taken firm steps toward erecting an indestructible pillar of independence and solidarity. Today some countries of the world are surrounded by political and ideological conflicts, and the peoples of these countries are experiencing difficult and shameful days, and their only goal is to achieve peace and tranquility, for the happiness of every people and the guarantee of development and development of every country is security and unity. Today, with complete security and enjoying the valuable benefits of independence, we must always be the defenders of peace, unity, unity and integrity of our independent Tajikistan. In a state where peace, security and friendship reign, this state is prospering day by day, its economy is gradually growing, and it is advancing both politically and economically and socially. With the rapidly changing world situation and the escalation of armed conflicts in various parts of the world, peace and stability in the lives of people are becoming more and more important every day. Thanks to independence and union, creative and constructive activities unfolded in all corners of the country, and hundreds of modern buildings with beautiful and unique designs that meet the requirements of the modern world were erected. The construction of momentous and important facilities has begun, landscaping and beautification works have been revived, and the state has become a prosperous and well-appointed land. The duty of faith and conscience of each of us is to achieve peace and stability, to express gratitude to the master of the state and country, to participate in creative activities and increase the success of our people and state.  Every citizen of the country should know that the current state of the world enables only nations and peoples who, in addition to being knowledgeable, technological, creative, and constructive, should be cohesive to exist and develop.

We must always remember that to be native is great happiness and pride, and to appreciate this precious gift, the homeland and its independence, is an even greater responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly pay tribute to and respect the sacred national values, independence and peace of our homeland.

Valiev Davlatyor



Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

26.06.2023 842