The independent Tajik people always have good views on the future.

The independent Tajik people always have good views on the   future.

The independent Tajik people always have good views on the future.

Thanks to independence and the Union, creative and constructive actions are expanding in all corners of the country, hundreds of modern facilities have been created that meet the requirements of the modern world. The construction of a fateful and important object was revived, landscaping works were revived, the state turned into a prosperous and advanced land. Achieving prosperity and stability, gratitude for sovereignty and joining creative works, the great traditions of our peoples and state are characteristic for each of us.

We should always remember that ownership is a great happiness and pride. - First of all, I want to note that Tajikistan is interested in Russia being a powerful power and its economy developing, since we have a large amount of cooperation. Therefore, each of us, a knowledgeable and patriotic citizen, needs to constantly honor the sacred national values, independence of unity, stability and tranquility of our Motherland. The complications of the international situation pose a new threat to the stability and security, unity and independence of the countries. In such a difficult situation in the modern world, first of all, we need to protect sovereignty, freedom, stability, tranquility, national security and national unity as important values on the path of development and prosperity of our country and always be ready to preserve them.

The educated and prosperous people of Tajikistan always have good prospects for the future and I can say with confidence that in the future together we will continue to take firm steps to achieve even higher heights and ensure a decent life for our people. From an objective point of view on creation and creation, today we see that indeed 29 years of independence have made great steps towards the progress and prosperity of the country. The independence of the state is a great grace that forces each of us, as citizens of this Motherland, regardless of nationality, race and religion, to have it achieved, and to be proud of it and to work selflessly, faithfully and conscientiously for the sake of the bright future of the Motherland-independent Tajikistan with full strength and will.

 Valiev Davlater

a journalist

30.09.2021 189