The experience of pharmacology department in LSRC

The experience of  pharmacology department in LSRC

Last week, teachers of the department M.H. Muzafarova, M.H. Nasrulloeva and M. Hilolova under the direction of the head of the department M.V. Urunova together with several students of the SSS-members conducted experiments on experimental animals (rabbits and white rats) on scientific subjects.

The students were explained the goals and objectives of these experiments. The effect of local stimulation of leafing was studied on rabbits, and the hypoglycemic effect of leafing was studied on white rats.

Students were introduced to how to prepare the bench, how to handle experimental animals according to ethical standards, how to administer drugs, and the mechanism of drug action.

By conducting internships, students increase their knowledge, clinical thinking and practical skills.

Department of Pharmacology

Translated by: Ismoilov R.

21.04.2022 314