The event and action is dedicated to the "World HIV / AIDS Day"

The event and action is dedicated to the "World HIV / AIDS Day"

To provide students with more information about HIV/AIDS, the epidemiological situation, routes of transmission, prevention, diagnosis and prevention of infectious viruses, family education, a healthy lifestyle in relation to HIV, the causes of the disease, the causes of the disease, and its treatment, at the Department of Epidemiology December 1 of this year among 5-year students of the medical faculty of 32-36 groups and 5-year students of the medico-prophylactic faculty groups 3-4 An educational event on the theme «A world without HIV/AIDS» was held.

The event was attended by employees of the department: Azimov G.J., Khasanova Z.M., Bazarova L.M., Davronzoda I., Sangzoda Z.M., Avgonov N.K. and magisters of the department.

During the event, in order to raise awareness of students about HIV/AIDS, the staff of the department, together with the Republican Center for HIV/AIDS, provided students with information in the form of brochures and videos. Contraceptives (condoms) were also provided free of charge.


Head of the department, d.m.s Azimov G.J.

Educational assistant,Sangzoda Z.M.

01.12.2021 212