All nations of the world have their valuable cultures regardless of differences in customs, behavior and speech. Tajik people have a great culture and civilization since ancient times, and in the process of globalization it is necessary to protect the cultural values of Tajik people. Globalization or self-globalization is the process of globalization of political, economic, social and cultural world, which is the result of merging of different governmental and social spheres and concentration of civilizations in this context. With the rapid development of globalization, peoples are trying to protect their spiritual, cultural and moral values from the dangers of globalization. Awareness of the history of our ancestors, recognition of ancestral boundaries and homeland, protection of national culture and literature can be our guides and conductors to victory in the era of globalization. Therefore, in this context, the upbringing and education of the country's young generation with modern knowledge and professional skills poses new challenges for officials and intellectuals. Analyses show that today the international community is under the influence of superpowers, in the modern process of globalization and development it faces all kinds of internal and external threats. Protection of national and cultural values, defense of the Motherland, security, stability and peace of the society are the main duty and responsibility of every citizen. It should be emphasized that language is an important pillar of national identity. In the conditions of globalization, we will stand against its storm and protect the Tajik language, which is considered one of the important pillars of statehood of our country. Because the Tajik language has become global through its rich literature and plays a valuable role in strengthening human civilization and humanistic ideas. When we read the history of the Tajik language, we see that it has gone through different stages over the centuries and has proudly reached our time.

According to the analysis, countries participating in the world market are the most successful in the process of globalization, and the reins of this process also fall into the hands of countries that have made significant progress in the implementation of information and communication technologies and the development of e-government. If in history the process of globalization was carried out by force or by force, in the 21st century this process does not need any force, because in today's conditions the phenomena of globalization is based on the rapid development of information and communication technologies. In the turbulent processes of the modern world, intellectuals should not be neutral, on the contrary, they should always be in the vanguard of creative work, protection of national and universal values. In order to represent the Tajik people and its national and cultural values in the world arena and achieve unique achievements, it is necessary to strengthen national identity and on this basis strengthen national opinion and its formation. In fact, intellectuals and enlightened thinkers are the main driving force of any state, and with a deep understanding of this point, the role of intellectuals in Tajikistan expands on the path of national identity, progress and development, and the protection of history. and civilization. According to Frank Muller, author of the book "Globalization of Identity", "In the intensive process of globalization, culture and education are at the origin of the thought of globalization". That is, education is the key role and creator of the destiny of every nation and every state. It should not be forgotten that a country with many inventors, who are more aware of information and communication technologies and have up-to-date technological knowledge, always succeeds in the process of globalization.

Valiev Davlatyor

journalist of the rector’s Service


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

25.10.2023 885