Terrorism, extremism, separationism - manifestation of dangerous phenomena in the world!

Terrorism, extremism, separationism - manifestation of dangerous phenomena in the world!

Terrorist in the dictionary means violence, violence, fear, achieving political and ideological goals by destroying the peace of the society and killing. If this content is true and correct for us, it is important to know a few secrets and obscure hidden points to recognize terrorists and terrorism. For modern society, a terrorist is a person who leads society to instability and conflict, violates human rights and especially destroys faces of innocent citizens and such individuals or groups are considered as terrorists by any state or organization. Terrorism, extremism and separatism are among the dangers created by the new conditions of political and geopolitical games, but are one of the main problems of the modern world society. The presence of extremist and terrorist organizations in virtual space, especially in social networks, has created a situation in which the danger and threat to the stability of society will increase. The world reality shows that terrorist and extremist organizations through social networks and websites try to seriously threaten security and peace, independence and sovereignty of states by disseminating information of extreme nature, inciting national, religious and false hatred and hostility. The existing threats force national States to take more measures in the direction of ensuring information security and protecting the healthy ideology of their citizens.

Cyberspace, which today is often considered an uncontrolled and borderless territory, is used by extremist groups as a primary means of realizing their preconceived goals. Virtual space has no borders, and extremist and terrorist organizations operate freely on social networks, using the Internet to disseminate biased, fabricated and radical materials and information, and want to have a negative impact on the state and all its values. Today, extremist groups are trying to realize their dirty goals in the information and social space, and at the same time it is necessary for the state and society to apply specific measures. Certainly, one of the measures in this process is to respond to extremist and tendentious articles. The fight against extremism and terrorism must be waged collectively. Undoubtedly, harmony in the fight against extremism is the main factor in preserving peace and stability and a means of ensuring national security. Today it is necessary for one of us to be more active in defending and strengthening the independence and freedom and protecting the national interests of Tajikistan, which is our civic duty, and to be able to leave a developed, stable and sovereign state for future generations.

Valiev Davlatyor



Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

17.07.2023 1248