Terrorism, extremism and its danger to the modern world

Terrorism, extremism and its danger to the modern world

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon in the historical development of mankind; since ancient times, various political and social forces have tried to seize power by using violence, terrorizing and intimidating people. Various forces viewed terror as a means of dealing with their opponents. But in the Old Testament, the term "terror" was not used in an official sense. In order to achieve political goals, extremist organizations often influence the religious beliefs of people and convince different citizens of the world that government policies are directed against religious beliefs.

This is how they want to use the religion of Islam to achieve their impure goals. In the modern world, the threat of terrorism and extremist groups is one of the urgent problems of political science, and its factors, characteristics, ruins are studied and studied by various social sciences. This undesirable process worries the human society, and in order to prevent terrorist factors, all factors, causes and effective ways and methods of combating terrorism will be found. In this sense, the study of all aspects of this issue is a necessity of time. Even if people are not directly connected with the issues of terrorism and the fight against it, through one or another topic they are connected with various issues of terrorism and other forms of political extremism and determine their position. Extremism comes from the French word "extremism" and the Latin word "extremis" and its meaning in the dictionary is extremism, extremism, extreme thoughts and actions that go beyond what is permitted.

An extremist is a person who is a supporter of extreme actions in his activity. These actions and manifestations can occur in all spheres of human activity - in religion, politics, ideology, science and even in sports.

Today, one of the important and unpleasant issues that concern the world community and our republic is terrorism and extremism. Terrorism and extremism are among the undesirable phenomena of our time, because they lead to unpleasant consequences - the threat or use of violence, causing serious damage, lawlessness, changing the constitutional structure of the country, usurping power and usurping its powers, social and religious conflicts.

We can say with full confidence from a high rostrum that the enthusiastic, courageous and peaceful Tajik youth have a strong will to fight not only for expansion, but also for the spread of terrorism and extremism within their borders and in their native lands. Motherland by all means and methods, that is, both practical and spiritual.


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