On September 21, 2023, under the guidance of the assistant of the department of educational basics of children’s diseases was held an open lesson on the topic: "Terrorism and extremism", which was attended by staff and students of 5,6 groups- 3 year students of the medical faculty. The students of the mentioned groups presented the report to all in a meaningful way.

Terrorism and extremism are a threat to world community.

After gaining independence, the Republic of Tajikistan entered a new historical and structural stage as a sovereign, democratic, legal, secular, united and social state and is mobilizing all spheres of state and public life in order to strengthen national unity and full development. peace and stability in the country.

The Republic of Tajikistan, as a newly independent state celebrating its 32nd anniversary in an atmosphere of peaceful political stability, is not exempt from the possible influence of negative events and developments of the international community, along with other countries of the world.

In today's world there are processes and phenomena that threaten not only one country or one region, but all countries of the world and all peoples of the planet. One of such undesirable phenomena causing regional and international danger and tending to spread in all regions of the world is terrorism and extremism, which has attracted the attention of international organizations and countries. Although the existing phenomena are absent in this century, in the new century they have acquired a new look and their essence has acquired a more organized and complex form of manifestation. Today and in the future, terrorism and extremism remain the most dangerous threats to humanity and the world community, using modern technologies that are rapidly developing, acquiring new ways and methods of use.

Over the past decade, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been victimized by terrorist and extremist acts, and thousands more have been disabled and unable to work. The deaths of thousands of peaceful people of the planet, especially the vulnerable part of society, women and children, from this deadly danger is evidence that this barbaric act knows no mercy for anyone or anything, and is used as a means of realizing evil, goals and objectives of a bunch of people, far from culture and education.

Department of propodeutics of children’s diseases


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

25.09.2023 1014