Today there are threats and menaces to global security in the life of the international community, which makes us look for new approaches to counteract them. In today's world there are processes and phenomena that threaten not just one country or one region, but all countries of the world and all peoples of the planet. Terrorism and extremism is one such undesirable phenomenon that tends to spread in all regions of the world, attracting the attention of international organizations and countries of the world.

Terrorism is an undesirable phenomenon of modern society, and its understanding is considered a serious crime. The interpretation of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Tajikistan explains the goals of terrorism as follows: "The main purpose of terrorism is to violate public security, intimidate people, panic and intimidate the population, thereby putting pressure on state bodies. The ultimate goal of such actions is to force an authority to make an illegal decision that meets its interests or to destroy the reputation and position of the state authority".

Extremism comes from the French word "extremisme" and Latin "extremus", and its dictionary meaning is extremism, separatism, violent thoughts and actions, it has an inextricable link with terrorism, and the goal and consequence of extremism is terrorism. However, in general, both of these so-called absolutely carry a great risk of disintegration and chaos and have very shameful consequences. The activities of terrorist and extremist organizations related to spreading extremist ideas, inciting hatred and religious enmity in society, attracting young people to their ranks and committing crimes of an extremist nature are intensifying, and they want to change the social and political structure of this society. or in this country through violence.

Analysis of the situation in the world today shows that, unfortunately, to implement the political program of extremist organizations and movements, circles and foundations and organizations of international extremism and interested states finance the existence of taxes.

Unfortunately, today most of those who are not familiar with the history, commandments, philosophy and morality of Islam believe that Islam is characterized by rigidity, aggressiveness, deliberate intolerance. But this idea is erroneous because all the rules and pillars of Islam, its philosophy and ethics are built on the basis of justice, brotherhood, unity, security and oneness and emphasize the need for peace, harmony, tranquility and justice in all aspects of life.

As the Founder of peace and national unity - Leader of the nation his excellency Emomali Rahmon has repeatedly emphasized from the high level of influential international organizations that "terrorism is not peculiar to any religion, sect or nation". In fact, this catastrophic phenomenon has nothing to do with religion, especially Islam, and is committed using the name of Islam for dark and biased political purposes.         

As a full-fledged member of the international community, the Republic of Tajikistan, along with other countries of the world, is fighting these undesirable phenomena and trying to prevent the unpleasant consequences of such actions. In this connection, the Government of the country has adopted a number of normative and legal acts, including the 1999 Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On Combating Terrorism" and the 2003 Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On Combating Extremism" for the implementation of State policy. Presidential Decree №187 of June 1, 2021, approved the Strategy for Countering Extremism and Terrorism in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2021-2025, which requires a collective struggle of civil society against this dangerous phenomenon.

In fact, terrorism and extremism are undesirable manifestations of the international community and have become one of the main problems of our time. Today, only the collective struggle of law enforcement agencies, cooperation of the population with the authorities, vigilance and reason of the people will allow us to prevent these negative factors, so that peace can be ensured and every person can live a prosperous and peaceful life in our beloved homeland of independent Tajikistan. It is necessary for us, possessing high national feeling, to respect and preserve the foundations of our national statehood as a rare pearl, as a great creative force and a reliable shield of our state, we fight against any threat of terrorism and extremism in the ways provided by the legislation.

Amroev Y.M., Odilov F.R., lecturers at the department of social sciences


Ismoilov R.

13.11.2023 546