Terrorism and extremism are recognized as a terrible process for the society and have become an undesirable phenomenon and an international problem. Nowadays, terrorism is mainly observed in the countries of Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia and Afghanistan, and there horrible acts are being carried out, resulting in the death of dozens of people. It should be noted that the main purpose of such movements is to disturb the peace and destroy all cultural values. As we know, famine and some infectious diseases have emerged in the countries affected by terrorism and extremism, killing hundreds and thousands of people.

It is with these nefarious aims that terrorism and extremism are spreading day by day, threatening many countries of the world. Our young Tajikistan has gone through hard days that were spawned by such extremist groups in the nineties of the last century, and bitter memories of that time remain in the hearts of our people. The Republic of Tajikistan as an independent, democratic, legal, secular state and the only supporter of human peace and unity, the great Leader of the nation, the President of the country, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, said in his message: “Independent Tajikistan, which survived back in the nineties of the last century a tragic era of resistance to extremism and survived terrorism and lost tens of thousands of lives along the way, is always at the forefront of the fight against this terrible and disgusting phenomenon”.

In the conditions of modern times, every intelligent young person needs to possess a high level of political and national understanding. Our youth should get to know the recognition of human and national values in life and not be deceived by any extreme parties and movements. Because they propagate and encourage the young generation through Islamic ideas and by any means, and it is the people who are ignorant of science and knowledge who are quickly seduced by the "sweet" words of their bitter words and invest their sweet life in Danger. Terrorism is the most horrible and shameful act i.e. killing of women, girls, children and various members of the society and also killing of the greatest goddess, creator of life and life "Mother". Therefore, a collective struggle against such problems of the society and a high legal level is necessary. Regarding the danger of terrorism and extremism, the Leader of our nation emphasized in his message to Majlisi Oli of the country that "the fight against terrorism and extremism requires the creation of an atmosphere of trust, respect for mutual interests and the unification of all countries of the world in the face of this common danger".

Today in our dear homeland, good conditions have been created for scientific studies, and in this way one can get acquainted with the national values, culture and civilization of our people. To prevent young people from joining extremist parties and movements, it is necessary to inculcate a sense of patriotism and awaken a high sense of national consciousness in the future generation.

Safarova S.R. - assistant of the department of histology

translated Ismoilov R.

30.05.2024 2225