Terrorism and extremism are undesirable phenomena of the modern world

Terrorism and extremism are undesirable phenomena of the modern world

The modern world is very complex and full of various events. Therefore, this situation requires vigilance and reasonableness from all inhabitants of the planet. Especially in our home country of Tajikistan, the younger generation must be shielded from the influence of any undesirable phenomena such as terrorism, extremism, extremism, drug abuse, murder, etc. Since adolescents and young people are the future of the nation, they are still inexperienced, quick to believe and unable to confront the threats of our time. Therefore, it is the duty of every citizen and school to pay special attention to the education of the younger generation and youth, to inform them about the unclean consequences of terrorists, extremists and other extremist groups, to educate them in a high moral spirit. .

Tajikistan is one of the active fighters against all harmful forces of society in the international arena. Back in 2005, at one of the most prestigious international conferences (in the city of Mecca), his excellency Emomali Rahmon, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, leader of the nation and founder of national peace and unity, noted: “The terrorists do not have any nation, homeland and are enemies of God and His servants, forces in particular, acting on behalf of the religion of Islam, defaming its good name and promoting the interests of enemies and detractors of the high Islamic culture”.

Terrorism is essentially a type of ideology and action based on threats and violence, pressuring individuals, groups, society, government, the state and the system of government to achieve their nefarious interests.

In order to prevent and eliminate undesirable factors, the Republic of Tajikistan has developed and adopted a number of legal documents that condemn the supporters of these malevolent organizations and enemies of humanity. In 2016, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan "National Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan on Countering Extremism and Terrorism" was approved.

The causes of terrorism, extremism, and extremism are known to all, and it is appropriate to show the causes of terrorism, extremism, and extremism.

Origin causes of terrorism and extremism include:


- The stratification of large assets of the population leads to the fact that society ceases to function as an inseparable organism united by common goals, ideas and values.

- The growth of social tension.

- The decline of the ideological component in the educational process, which has led to a loss of moral values.

- Spiritlessness, lack of clear ideas about the country's history and development prospects, loss of a sense of belonging and responsibility for the fate of the country.

Darer Sharofzoda Sabohuddin reflected on the mentioned question and expressed his opinion very accurately and delicately: "At the present stage, the purpose of the ideology that these people want to spread among the people is manifested in the attraction of experienced young people and people of science. Under the false slogans and delusions of "supposedly religious" teachings, they set them against the government and the state and even their own families, direct them to acts of conflict, extremism and terrorism, which they call "heroism", "sacrifice", and they want to do this to achieve their hostile goals, that is, to reduce to a certain extent the national influence and achievements, or rather, to fulfill the orders of their chiefs and foreign patrons.

All honored people of Tajikistan should be in constant struggle against these undesirable phenomena that threaten Tajik society.


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