Terrorism and extremism - a threat to society

Terrorism and extremism - a threat to society

Recently, such scary words as terrorism and extremism entered our vocabulary. Now every child already knows what lies behind these concepts.

One of the most important issues of modern society is the constant struggle against undesirable phenomena of the century, first of all with terrorism and extremism. The causes of terrorism are known to everyone, and it is appropriate to show the causes of extremism.

The causes of extremism include:

- classification of large assets of the population leads to the fact that society ceases to function as an inseparable organism united by common goals, ideas and values.

- growth of social tension.

- decrease of the ideological component in the educational process, which has led to the loss of moral values.

- Spiritlessness, lack of clear ideas about the country's history and development prospects, loss of a sense of involvement and responsibility for the country's destiny.

From the analysis of the information media, we can conclude that in recent decades, not only in the country, but also around the world, the spread of extremist and violent ideas has been increasing. Unfortunately, this process has risks and negative consequences for the security of the country and the region. The real danger of this phenomenon is that today part of our youth is under the influence of propaganda of certain circles in the region, whose main goal is to destabilize the political situation in the region. They act using religion and religious beliefs to achieve their impure goals, promote extremism in the traditional society of the country and denial of secular values.

Darer Sharofzoda Sabohi

ddin expressed his opinion on the above issue and expressed his opinion very clearly and sensitively: "At the present stage, the aim of the ideology that these people want to spread among the people is manifested in attracting experienced youth and people of science . , under false slogans and deceptive illusions of "supposedly religious" teachings they set them against the government and the state and even their own families and direct them to acts of conflict, extremism and terrorism, which they call "heroism", "sacrifice", and they want to do this to achieve their hostile goals, that is, to reduce to a certain extent the national influence and achievements, and more precisely, to fulfill the orders of their leaders and foreign patrons."

All noble people of Tajikistan should be in a constant struggle against these undesirable phenomena that threaten Tajik society.


Teacher of the department of sociology - Sh.S. Nazarov


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

05.08.2023 1019