Terrorism and extremism - a threat to peace in the modern world

Terrorism and extremism  -  a threat to peace in the modern world

The sacrifices of terrorism in a particular region are mostly young people. Therefore, young people should not lose their political intelligence, study the causes and factors of the existence of extremists and terrorist groups and try to eradicate them in order to protect the peace, unity and security of the country. Today, one of the important and unpleasant issues of concern to the world community and our republic is terrorism and extremism.

The reason for the emergence and spread of such undesirable phenomena indicates that ignorance of legal education and self-knowledge, insufficient education and training of the younger generation, especially youth, lead to their joining extremist group. In such a situation, every educated person, especially parents, has a huge responsibility, because the manifestation of serious importance in the education of the younger generation and youth is one of the factors in the fight against the shameful phenomenon of modern society, terrorism and extremism.

The great Leader of the nation, President of the country honorable Emomali Rahmon, spoke on this issue, which is the pain of the day: “Today, terrorism and extremism, like the plague of the century, threaten the security of the country, the world and every inhabitant of the planet, and pose no less danger to humanity than nuclear weapons”

This phenomenon invades not only the internal politics of individual countries, but also the relations between individual states, as His Excellency Emomali Rahmon constantly points out in his speeches:

"The fight against terrorism and extremism requires the creation of an atmosphere of trust, respect for mutual interests and the unification of all countries of the world in the face of this common danger".

Achieving such a great and valuable boon as independence and national statehood, understanding and protecting the most sacred values of statehood and nationhood is at the same time a duty, responsibility and honor of patriotism, pride in one's state and nation, efforts and hard work of every conscientious individual in society for self-knowledge, enlightenment and high national culture. It is worth noting that the role of culture, propaganda and education of the younger generation in this process is very important in strengthening the sense of patriotism, national consciousness, respect for the history of ancestors and prevention of social conflicts. It is not for nothing that self-serving forces at the beginning of their biased actions first reduce and paralyze cultural and spiritual (moral and religious) values, then create a sense of distrust and threat and begin their ugly and dangerous actions. actions.


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Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

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