Everyone is a teacher in life. Today teachers, doctors, drivers, workers and weavers have their own teachers and students. Every person has been trained by someone in life. No action, no progress, no victory, no victory, no effort, no effort and no appreciation of the master will reach the top.

         On teachers depends the source of all happiness, the well-being of all families, the growth of all mature students. Teachers take on a very difficult task, raising the children of humanity in a life full of dreams and needs, teaching science, which is not an easy task.

         When we say the word “teacher”, the image of a teacher appears right in front of us. But this idea is completely different. A master is one in whose image one can see a student of any path and approach, work, sum of skills and talents. In other words, we can say that the teacher is the mentor and director of all good deeds.

      A teacher is the mind, honor and conscience of society and its main image. He always gives his knowledge, intelligence, warmth to his children and considers himself happy. A teacher must know his business and take his great responsibility seriously. A teacher can raise good people, he can even make a bad person good. There is no better worship than learning.

           A person who does not teach anyone in his life his high art, that is, does not raise a student, remains a barren tree, useless. This is a good folk tradition - to teach the new generation of the nation high skills on which the bright future of life depends. The preservation of the name of the greats occurs precisely thanks to high art, beautiful technology and mature students:

As the great Saadi said:

Sadia, an innocent person never dies.

To live does not mean to have a good name

According to the elders, a teacher is a person’s spiritual engineer. Just as an engineer prepares a plan or organization for any work, a teacher teaches students etiquette from day one and prepares them for a healthy life in the future. Teachers are called the mirror of the people. Looking at a mirror, flaws and defects are eliminated. In other words, a teacher is a teacher whose every word, every look, every step is a blessing and an example for those who have a good heart.

Honor is someone who is worthy of a great name and this honorable profession. Teaching is a very honorable profession, and a teacher is a person who is always in search of innovation. However, learning and mastering innovation and collecting good behavior and words is not easy. It is not easy to make a scientist out of a child who does not have knowledge of the world of meaning.

May the soul rest on the lips of the poor master.

To teach the letter to a student.

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