Visit of Bahcesehir University (Istanbul) delegation to SEI “Avicenna Tajik State Medical University”

Visit of Bahcesehir University (Istanbul) delegation to SEI “Avicenna Tajik State Medical University”

The delegation of Bahcesehir University Mr. Hikmet Yɪldɪrɪm (General Secretary), Dr. Murat Dündar (Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design), Mr. Alan Ramis Engin and Mr. Hasan German, accompanied by representatives of the Tajik-Turkish Association of Entrepreneurs and the firm "Avesto Group" visited the State Educational Institution “ATSMU”. From the Tajik side, the delegation was received by Professor Ibodzoda Saidmukum Tillo (Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs), Professor Mukhabbatzoda Jiyonhon Kurbon (Vice-Rector for Scientific and Publishing Activities), Associate Professor Kobilov Kobiljon Kenjaevich (Vice-Rector for Medical Affairs) and Professor Dodkhoev (Head of International Relations Department).

Professor Ibodzoda S.T. greeted the guests, after which he briefly introduced them to the activities of the university. At the end of his speech, Professor Ibodzoda S.T. expressed hope for cooperation in the field of academic mobility and scientific activity.

Professor Murat Dündar spoke in response from the Turkish side. He also spoke about the activities of Bahcesehir University, including the activities of the medical and preventive medicine faculty. In addition, Professor M. Dündar mentioned that 11 citizens of Tajikistan are currently studying within the walls of their university, while there is only one student at the Faculty of Medicine.

Further, Mr. Hikmet Yɪldɪrɪm asked several questions about the medical activities of the university, about the system of admission of students and about the languages ​​of instruction. Professor Ibodzoda S.T. gave comprehensive answers to the questions asked.

At the end of the meeting, Professor Mukhabbatzoda J.K. made specific proposals for the creation of working groups for the coordination of initiation and joint work between universities in research, educational and medical activities, and also proposed to open at the SEI “ATSMU” joint Tajik-Turkish scientific and medical center.

Vice-rector for medical affairs Kobilov K.K. proposed to establish work between universities in the field of advanced training of medical personnel.

The meeting ended with a visit of Turkish guests to the training and production center "Pharmacy".

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