"Tajikistan is a country of youth, taking into account the contribution and role of youth in the life of society and the state, it occupies a priority place in the ongoing policy of the state and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. We are proud of our youth, they make a significant contribution to the development of the state and the improvement of the homeland by their active participation in all spheres of society, protect the borders of the native land, always show patriotism, national pride and devotion to the people and the Tajik state".

Emomali Rahmon


According to the UN classification, youth are young men and women under 24 years of age. WHO categorizes this category as people between 25 and 44 years of age. There are about 1.8 billion of them in the world today. Most of all young people in India, one of the most populous countries on the planet. Youth Day is of great importance to society. This holiday emerged in response to the realization that youth are the driving force of the nation. Youth Day came into existence to recognize and support both the youth themselves and their meaningful contribution to society. The holiday gives young people the opportunity to express their ideas and talk about issues. Today's youth have ample opportunities to make themselves known, to show their talents, abilities and leadership qualities. Young people play an important role in society. They are the new generation that:

- lay the foundations of the political course;

- contribute to economic development;

- shape public opinion.

Today's young generation cannot be completely similar to previous generations. But the role of youth in society remains invariably important and even decisive. This was relevant several centuries ago and is relevant today. The younger generation has the courage to change standards, to risk turning the world upside down. And the explanation is simple. Young people have the right to make a mistake, as there is time to correct it. The older generation is conservative, as they no longer risk wasting time on trial and error. It is this freedom of thought and action that gives young people the opportunity to build the future. Young people have not yet taken a stable position to be afraid of losing it. The social development of society can be healthy only if young people are involved, at least partially, in setting and solving problems. The most important functions of every state are the socialization of youth and their involvement in activities aimed at adapting laws and monitoring their implementation. Only young people are capable of applying creativity and directing politics, science and education in the right direction, thus laying a solid foundation for a prosperous future of the whole country.

Youth is a time when you want all problems to be solved quickly, obstacles to be overcome easily, and dreams to come true. This period should be used to its full potential. Young people should realize that their ideas, perhaps risky or fantastic, but definitely advanced, will help their adult colleagues to achieve improvements in the country. Today's young people are capable of modernizing their own forces and directing them in the direction that is closer to their spirit. In the history of all times and peoples, young people have always played a key role. And it is not accidental, because young people have active qualities - thirst for justice, courage, honor. The American poet Lowell noted: "Perhaps youth is a vice, but only too quickly cured by age". Our young people are a treasure trove of talents, skills and abilities, we need to preserve the potential that is inherent in them and be able to channel it in the right direction.

The smartest, most talented person in the world, who is he? Of course, you yourself! And although sometimes it seems that others are smarter and more gifted, the inner voice should never be silent: you are the best, you can do anything, you can do anything. How beautiful youth is! It is not only an unforgettable period in the life of every person! It is a time of hopes, discoveries, irrepressible energy, ambitious plans and their realization. Energy of the young, non-standard solutions to many issues, bright ideas, ability to achieve goals are always in demand in our society. And the task of the older generation is to help young people to determine their worthy place in this complex world, to realize themselves to the maximum, because the future of their native city, region, country is in their hands - and everyone wants these hands to be strong and reliable!

"I am absolutely sure that our patriotically-minded youth will continue to make a significant and valuable contribution to the improvement of the country, increase the authority of our dear Tajikistan in the international arena, strengthen peace and tranquility, political stability, national unity and strengthen the pillars of the national Tajik state by maintaining political vigilance, having a broad world outlook, legal education, creative efforts and initiatives".

Emomali Rahmon


Department of propaedeutics of children’s diseases

translated Ismoilov R.

20.05.2024 1549