Celebration of the “International Family Doctor’s Day ” at the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

Celebration of the “International Family Doctor’s  Day  ” at the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

Within the framework of international cooperation,Avicenna Tajik State Medical University held an event in Sinai Hall of the University to celebrate "World Family Doctor Day". The event was organized in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the project "BaSIC - Building an Integrated Primary Healthcare System in the Republic of Tajikistan. The event was attended by specialists in family medicine, family physicians and 6th year students of the medical and pediatric faculties of the university.

The event was declared open by the Vice-Rector for Medical Affairs Qobilov Qobiljon Kenjaevich, who introduced the participants and welcomed them for participation in this event. During the conference, participants discussed issues related to the problems of family medicine and the prospects for its development, the role of the family physician and his contribution to the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

It should be noted that family doctors played a special role during the COVID-19 pandemic and made a significant contribution to the prevention and treatment of this plague of the century. The Republic of Tajikistan, along with other countries of the world, has taken positive steps to maintain a certain level of development of the national economy, made determined and timely efforts to prevent and treat the disease with the direct support of family doctors. It was the work and activities of family doctors that enabled the Tajik people to honorably withstand those difficult and arduous examinations of that time. During this period, family doctors in remote villages, towns and districts with high medical responsibility to protect their people from this plague of the century, the etiology of which was unknown, did not spare their lives and made a valuable contribution to the healing of patients.

May 19 is celebrated annually all over the world to draw the attention of the whole society to the profession of a family doctor and its important contribution to the development of health care, in particular, to improve the qualifications of family doctors. The decision to celebrate the International Day of the Family Physician in 2010 was made at the meeting of the World Organization of Family Physicians (WONCA) and officially announced May 19, 2011.

The introduction of family medicine in the Republic of Tajikistan began in 1998. The "Plan of development of primary health care (PHC) on the principles of family medicine in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2021-2025" is being implemented step by step, the main objectives of which are to improve accessibility, quality and efficiency of health care. assistance at the primary health care level.

It should be noted that over the past 24 years the country has effectively implemented primary health care to the population on the principles of family medicine. Currently, qualified family medicine specialists provide the population with medical and sanitary services throughout the country, which are mainly focused on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the population.

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Translated: Ismoilov R.

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