Student scientific society

Student scientific society

The meeting was attended by all the participants of SSS and teachers of the department: Hamroeva H.M., Imamova E.A., Indirai Abdulsamad and Ustobaeva N.Kh.


1.     Muscle tissue biochemistry

2.     Structure and features of muscle tissue

Qodirova M., a 2nd year medical student of the 31st group, spoke on the first topic, and Sultonova M – 2nd year student of the 31st group, spoke on the second topic.

Given questions:

1.     What is the structural component of muscle tissue?

2.     Functions of actin and myosin.

3.     What is the mechanism of muscle contraction?

4.     What is the source of energy for muscles during prolonged physical activity?

5.     What happens in rigor mortis?

The meeting was lively. Many questions were asked. The speakers told about the structure of muscle tissue, peculiarities of the structure of muscle tissue, muscle contraction. There were very competently composed and informative presentations, which contained many diagrams and pictures on the structure of muscles. At the end of presentations a video on the mechanism of muscle contraction was shown to reinforce the topic. The question of rigor mortis, why it occurs and what is the mechanism was of particular interest. This question was covered in detail by the speakers. At the end of the session there were made additions and comments to the reports.

Head of SSS,

Senior teacher departments of biochemistry - Ustobaeva N.Kh.


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

15.05.2023 1239