Spiritual education of future doctor -students based on the study of the sacred masterpiece "Avesto" Dedicated to the Youth Day of Tajikistan

Spiritual education of future doctor -students based on the study of the sacred masterpiece "Avesto" Dedicated to the Youth Day of Tajikistan

According to the events' plan of educational work department and concerning to the Youth Day of Tajikistan at the department of Russian language of SEI "ATSMU" May 17-21, 2022 is a week of students' conferences on the theme "Spiritual education of future students-doctors on the basis of sacred "Avesta". This conference is dedicated to the historical significance of the sacred book "Avesta," which covers the history of the ancient Tajik people in more detail. The study of this book is of great importance in the spiritual and moral education of medical students, who in the future will become qualified doctors.

Before the beginning of each conferences, the head of the department, doctor of medical sciences, professor U.R. Yuldashev emphasized that in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On Holidays," May 23 is celebrated as Youth Day of Tajikistan. He also pointed out that at all times there are the future youth of the country, because at a certain period, of course, in various spheres of public life the older generation is replaced. Therefore, student youth is very important to the political, social, economic and cultural spheres of any society.

Then teachers of the department, including Associate Professor M.R. Nazarova, senior teacher S.A. Hotamova, teachers Kamolova R.R., M.A. Kholmatova, O.A. Lisykh, D.H. Sultanova, N.S. Alieva and others in their speeches have noted that today we need to explain young people and show them by their example that the entire daily life of a person can work. It is necessary to pay attention of young people that every action - both to their own work and to the work of others - must be evaluated from the moral point of view. Motivating and creating conditions for good deeds increases the level of spiritual and moral potential of students.

In order to develop students' social maturity, we try to organize the learning process in such a way as to develop their self-awareness and inner world, strengthen their interest, sense of personal responsibility for their behavior, for their education and social role.

The conference was attended by first-year students from all faculties of our University, who read papers, statements and articles from Avesta with great enthusiasm and excitement and reflected on the role of education based on moral values in modern society.

It should be noted that the great pedagogical and medical heritage of ancient Tajikistan is still relevant today. The historical legacy of ancient Tajik medicine is great and should be actively used in the education of the younger generation and society as a whole.

Senior Lecturer of the Russian Language Department

Khotamova S.A., teachers D.H. Sultanov, R.R. Kamolova

Translated: Ismoilov R.

21.05.2022 130