President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon congratulated schoolchildren and students on the Day of Knowledge. Dear Compatriots!

Dear pupils, students, mentors and teachers!

Knowledge Day is celebrated annually throughout Tajikistan as a tribute to science and enlightenment, which is a clear proof of the constant attention and special honor of the Government of the country to the figures of science and education.

I congratulate pupils and students, parents, representatives of science and education, all the glorious people of the country, as well as happy children of the period of independence, who today will cross the threshold of school for the first time, you, honorable present, with the beginning of the new school year and the Day of Knowledge.

The morning of September 1st is a special time for everyone. For some children it is the first day of school, for some it is the first day of the last school year, and for others it is a sad day because the long summer vacation is over and it is time to start studying, homework and new projects.

Regardless of how anyone feels about this holiday, everyone attends school on September 1. It is a very exciting time for many children and parents. Each school usually has its own ceremony for this holiday, uniforms, and "first class". Also, schools have a festive lineup on this day. This is a special tradition from a long time ago. All these are the attributes of the Knowledge Day holiday for many parents and their children.

But not everyone knows that Knowledge Day is a holiday that came to us from the distant communist times.

So what kind of holiday is Knowledge Day and why is it celebrated on September 1st? We tried to understand this question.

Knowledge Day is held annually on September 1. Although this day originated from the early Soviet period, it still has a huge cultural significance in some Eastern European countries. Nationally, this day marks the time of year when all students return to school after the summer break - hence the name, Knowledge Day.

In all countries of the former CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), this day marks the beginning of a new school year. Every student, from a first-grader to a future university graduate, begins a new academic stage.

What you may have already heard about this social event is that culturally, every child is expected to give teachers gifts, usually in the form of flowers. This is a day to show respect and gratitude to teachers by making the annual return to education something positive and celebratory!

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