Say corruption - no!

Say corruption - no!

Corruption is a root from which it follows at all times and at all sideling contempt for all laws.

 Thomas Hobbes

Corruption is evil, the struggle with which began in the first stages of the history of mankind. Dishonest advantages and benefits make life even more unfair and conflict. What is corruption in Latin? In literal translation, the word corrumpere means "to corrupt", and corruptio means "corruption" or "bribery". General definition was formulated based on this interpretation. General definition was formulated. Simple words, corruption is a process in which an official endowed with a certain power uses it for personal enrichment. In a broader sense, the term corruption includes bribery, extortion, fraud, abuse of power, waste and money laundering. Such behavior contradicts moral polls, legal norms and belongs to the category of crimes directed against the state causes significant damage, forms obstacles to the growth of economic and other systems of the country, the development of society. Currently there are quite many countries in which the level of corruption is rather low. Moreover, there are examples in history when certain actions contributed to the achievement of significant success. This situation, for example, is characteristic of Sweden, Portugal, Hong Kong, Singapore. These examples argue that there are effective methods through which corruption can be opposed. The fight against corruption can be carried out through mechanisms with significant independence from the executive power. Many of these tools are defined in the UN Convention, in particular, the formation of an independent judicial institution, in which a bureaucrat who has violated the law can be quickly found guilty, significantly reduces the potential attractiveness of corrupt activities. The principles of corruption include the expression "vicious circle". Corruption is really the most important problem that it is impossible to overcome without the active participation of the whole society. After all, it is from how a citizen refers and reacts to the manifestations of corruption actions depends on the situation in the state as a whole. According to its orientation, it can be divided into political, economic and criminal. In the context of globalization, corruption acquires transnational forms and becomes one of the bleeding problems of the world community. To achieve its goals, corruption users use many tools. Most often found: bribes and bribery; plundering, theft; extortion and blackmail.

Great sorrows always turn out to be the fruit of unbridled greed

                                                                                   Voltaire Francois Marie

Corruption in health care is a comprehensive negative socio-legal phenomenon in constant development, which undermines the confidence of citizens to representatives of the medical community, because initially in the minds of people a medical worker is a person designed to help people who often give the last hope when life and Health hang on the hair. Undoubtedly, there are doctors working for the idea, and there are a lot of them, but the bribe takers who make up people's biased opinion about doctors This leads to a decrease in moral mains of the population. According to international communities, the direct dependence of the level of child mortality from corruption in the country is traced. The lack of medicines and the distribution of counterfeit medicines that do not meet the standards lead to the suffering of patients and pose a direct threat to their lives Corruption directly undermines public confidence in state institutions

Payment to a sick doctor for medical care has deep historical roots. It is very stable that the psychology of the patient, that without paying the doctor, will not receive high-quality medical care. This is exactly explanation of the widespread distribution of private, paid medicine, even in countries with a good state. In the same state hospitals, this practice was transformed into the "gratitude" of the patient with his attending doctor in the form of money or gift. Even in such states as Germany and England, where there is free (in reality, state medical care is paid through medical insurance or tax), there is a gratitude to the patient of the doctor. Moreover, the problem, apparently, took such scales that a special law was adopted in England, which determines the boundaries of such gifts (allowing gifts that the doctor can consume during the day. Nowadays, corruption is the main obstacle in the movement of countries ahead. Corruption is a whole range of problems and this disease must be treated for the most compressed dates, using the entire spectrum of drugs. The absolute victory over corruption is impossible, but it can be driven into such a framework that will not affect the development of society.

People want wealth and glory for themselves; If something else can not be found honestly, they should be avoided. People are afraid of poverty and obscurity; If the other cannot be avoided without losing honor, you should take them.



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