According to the “Program for the Improvement and Retraining of Foreign Languages” on April 11, 2022 under the guidance of Dadojonova I.B. an excerpt from the tragic story "Romeo and Juliet" was shown in English at the Department of Foreign Languages. The students who performed the roles, dressed in different costumes from the same period, showed their roles with great skills.

The stage was opened by the best leading students of the university Juraeva Nargiz and Saraev Sherzod. Roles played by:

Juliet - Nuriddinzoda Shabnam,

Romeo - Nazarov Saimiddin,

Juliet's father - Abdullo Azimov,

Juliet's mother - Avazova Dilnoza Emomalievna,

Juliet's servant - Muhammad Rasulberdiev,

Nanny of Juliet - Abdurakhimova Zebuniso Kurbanbaevna,

Romeo's father - Sharipov Sinoiddin,

Romeo's mother - Juraeva Markhabokhon.

The script was understood at a very high level and the students were able to effectively demonstrate their roles. During the performance, was played a pleasant guitar’s sound, which everyone enjoyed.

Monologue of King Lear was performed by Ramonova Gulnoza Zurbekovna.

The monologue of King Lear's daughter Kardelia was performed by Safarzoda Bibifotima Jumakhon.

At the end of the program, the song "First Day of Spring" performed by Rakhimov Abukakhhor and a Tajik song as well as a dance were performed.

Department of Foreign Languages 

Najmiddinova D.M.

13.04.2022 176