True, 32 years is not such a long period of time for history, but in this short period of time our country was able to become a pioneer in all areas, implementing the correct policies of the state and government of the republic. During these years of independence, Tajikistan has achieved a number of fundamental achievements, on which the future fate of our independent state largely depends. Our most important achievement during this period was ensuring peace and tranquility, saving national statehood from the danger of destruction, liberating our nation from disintegration.

If we remember the achievements of the independence period, we will see how numerous and valuable they are. In particular, the achievements in the field of hydropower are very significant. One of them is the construction of the Roghun hydroelectric power station, which is the realization of the long-standing dream of the Tajik people about warmth, light and illumination of houses and the prosperity of the country. “Rogun” can be called the building of national unity of Tajiks, because in this place representatives of several nationalities, peoples and localities stand together and work hard day and night. This work is of a construction nature and is aimed at improving people's lives. All forces were mobilized for its construction. Since the beginning of the construction of hydroelectric power station Rogun, 25.7 billion funds have been allocated from all sources. In 2018, 4.7 billion somoni were allocated for these purposes, and in 2019 - almost 3.3 billion somoni.

Undoubtedly, Tajikistan has enormous hydropower resources. Their total amount is more than $184 billion. kW hours per year, including their industrial capacity of more than 56 billion kW per year. Over the past 10 years, the production capacity of the country's energy system has been increased by 1,520 megawatts, and more than 1,300 km of high-voltage power lines have been built and put into operation.

It should be said that the construction of the Rogun hydroelectric power station is of economic importance, since the production of cheap electricity contributes to the development of industry, the creation of new jobs, and the expansion of interstate and interregional cooperation in the export direction. You can also see the regional and global significance of the Rogun hydroelectric power station, since the development of Tajikistan’s hydropower potential makes it possible to supply the region with cheap and environmentally friendly electricity. With its production capacity, this plant can serve the general interests of the region. This plant, when fully operational, will be able to generate $13.1 billion per year in kW of electricity. Therefore, this contribution of the Rogun hydroelectric power station to the further development of the country is considered significant.

The construction and restoration of this important strategic facility will serve a dignified life for the current and future generations of our dear country. It creates a favorable basis for economic development and, in general, the progress of all sectors of the national economy. In the next three years, the Republic of Tajikistan can achieve complete energy independence and, as a transit state, facilitate the sale of electricity to neighboring countries, which plays an important role in the country’s economy.

Thus, achieving energy independence, considered one of the country's strategic goals, primarily depends on the construction of power plants. Also, the implementation of this goal is closely related to the implementation of the fourth goal - industrialization of the country. Undoubtedly, to achieve all these goals, peace and stability and the civic responsibility of every person are necessary. Therefore, promoting the prosperity of the Motherland, the well-being of one’s family and locality is a ritual of self-discovery.


Teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages: Mananova P.I., Kayumova M.A., Mahmudova S.S.

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