ROGUN –source of blossoming and prosperity of state and Tajik people’s today and future

ROGUN –source of blossoming and prosperity of state and Tajik people’s today and future

Civilized and prosperous Tajik people under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon have built large and small factories and enterprises of economic importance. With the construction of the Rogun Hydroelectric Power Station, the Tajik nation will make the home of every resident of the country glorious. HPS Rogun has become a field of abundant and effective labor, a source of pride and prestige of the countrymen, the existence of bravery, masculinity and honor of the Tajik nation. The Tajik nation is building a bright pillar of happiness with its hands and fingers and with strong will. The independence of the Republic of Tajikistan created favorable conditions to continue strengthening of selfless efforts to achieve energy independence, because the formation and development of all sectors of the national economy depend on the country's energy independence. The HPS Rogun has an international nature, and with its construction, Tajikistan gains world fame and will enlighten the homes of every Tajik citizen and neighboring countries. The Rogun Hydropower Station is the prosperity and greenery of Tajikistan today and tomorrow, the unprecedented development of industry and agriculture, and the daily light and heat of every Tajik people's home, and it is the source of national pride of every child of Tajikistan.

HPS Rogun makes a great contribution to the energy independence of our country and the builders of this magnificent palace of electricity in the field of creative labor, the scene of national shame and honor, showing bravery, perseverance and a warm feeling of patriotism, bringing the historic day of completion of its construction to the Tajik people.

Shukurov Qiyomiddin

Rector’s Service leading specialist

of the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

17.08.2022 1194