Preventing youth involvement in extremist movements in Tajikistan

Preventing youth involvement in extremist movements in Tajikistan

May 6th , 2022 at the department of family medicine with the active participation of 5th year students of medical faculty, group-26 was held educational and ideological activities on the theme "Prevention of youth involvement in extremist movements in Tajikistan . During the event, the department's assistant Sirozhov S.M. while speaking on the topic in order to prevent this undesirable phenomenon, he has pointed   that today the Tajik nation is in a new stage of formation and development of its state, in which a secular worldview is the method of national statehood. Therefore, it is necessary for students to be aware of modern sciences and to strengthen the base of their secular knowledge, so as not to be deceived by any extremist tendencies.

Student Shokirov Alijon said that extremism is typified by extremist forces that disrupt the political and social life of any country and do not resort to any means to achieve their goals, and in this regard, the Supreme Leader of the Nation has repeatedly stressed from high rostrums of the world that "terrorists and extremists have no homeland, nation, religion or sect.

This educational session was held in a healthy atmosphere of exchange, and it was concluded that young people unanimously condemn all harmful actions and give priority to the protection of national values and interests.

Sirojov Sultonmurod – assistant of the department

Translated: Ismoilov R.

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